For a long time now I have seen many articles and blog posts about whether or not people can or do grow out of the YA genre. It would be easy to assume that as the young adult genre is aimed at people from 12-18 years of age and often follows character the same age that the older you become they are less aimed at you and therefore you outgrow them. However does that mean that you will actual enjoy them less or feel like you should not read them? Today I thought I would discuss my thoughts on this and whether or not I feel like I am out growing YA.


Firstly I would like to point out that as a 20 going on 21 year old, I still read and enjoy a lot of YA fiction. Nevertheless compared to when I was younger I do find that I am now reading more adult fiction. Rather than explaining this as ‘outgrowing YA’ I would instead say that I am expanding my reading horizons.

However, there have been occasions lately when I have picked up a YA book thinking I would enjoy it and felt a bit let down and reviewed it by stating ‘I would have enjoying this in my younger years’, so yes I would think it’s fair to say that I am perhaps outgrowing some YA books but not all of them. Despite this it has not put me off the YA genre or made me feel like I should be reading other genres as I still very much enjoy other YA books and for this reason am not giving up on the genre.

In terms of feeling as though you should no longer be reading YA, as I know a lot of people Twilightbookwho are no longer the age the genre is targeted at feel like they shouldn’t be reading books from the genre anymore or reading more adult books instead, I say as long as your reading does it really matter what you are reading or why? This is something I have always felt strongly about ever since the whole Twilight love-it/hate-it argument, which you could now compare to the whole Fifty Shades of Grey argument – in my opinion it doesn’t matter what you’re reading as long as you ARE reading. So if you are 20 (like me) or 50 or even 75 and are still reading books from the YA genre, simply it doesn’t matter as long as you are reading and that you are enjoying what you are reading.

Ultimately everyone is different, some people perhaps do outgrow YA and I may do eventually but right now I still love reading books from the genre and aim to continue doing so along with other books from other genres I enjoy. I have loved sharing my thoughts on this debate just as I love reading other people’s opinions on it so if you have an opinions on this subject please comment and let me know!