It’s Wednesday, and this week I have a lot of new vocab words which I am excited to share with everyone!

From: Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer

Patrician- a noble person of high ranking and education

ex. As the patrician walked down the aisle, he commanded an immense amount of respect, and it was obvious that he would soon make an astounding king.

Gregarious- very social and often talking to others (can also mean a herd animal)

ex. The girl often got into trouble in class, as she was quite gregarious and always seemed to be talking to her friends instead of listening to the teacher.

Raconteur- someone who is very good at telling stories

ex. On cold nights, the raconteur always had the most people gathered around the fire, as they were eager to hear what tales he would have to share with them to take their mind off of the numbing cold.

Crepuscular- resembling twilight or dusk (when used referring to an animal, it means one that is active during this time period)

ex. The clouds gathering on the horizon gave the day a very crepuscular atmosphere.

From’s Word of the Day

Sitzmark- a sunken area in the snow marking where a skier fell backwards

ex. While searching for clues that might lead her to the serial killer, Johanna came across a large sitzmark, and froze, analyzing it for a sign that it had come from their suspect– or perhaps their victim.

Redintegrate- to take something broken and make it perfect again

ex. After Jimmy broke the ceramic pot, he spend hours in the basement attempting to redintegrate it so that his mother would not notice his clumsy mistake.

Have any of you seen or used these words before?  Try to include at least one in your writing this week and comment to share with everyone how you impressed the world with your stellar vocabulary.  Come across any awesome vocab words yourself that you want to share?  Let us know, and you could be featured on the next Words Wednesday 🙂