It’s November 8th, so for those of you that live in America…. GET OUT AND VOTE PLEASE GOD PLEASE!!!!!Image result for hillary clinton

We live in a democracy, but the only way it’s going to work is if everyone participates.  If you don’t like Clinton or Trump, pick the lesser of two evils and vote for Clinton.  I hate to bring up politics, but honestly Trump is unqualified, and has said so many offensive things about Mexicans, Women, Mentally Handicapped, LGBT community, and almost everyone else.  Please don’t vote for someone with that much hate in their lives, they will not make a good president.  A president has to care about everyone in the community, not mock them and proclaim that he can do whatever he wants to them.

Also, I know this is an unpopular opinion, but if you hate Trump like I do, you MUST vote for Hillary.  I’m With Her not because I believe she is amazing, but because voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein is essentially wasting your vote.  This shouldn’t be the way it is, I know that, but we live in a bipartisan system and it is too important to keep Trump out of office to risk splitting the anti-Trump vote 2-3 ways and letting Trump win.  I’m so scared for our future that we would ever let anyone like that run for the highest office in the United States.

Hillary may have done some stupid things in her time in public office, but at least she has public office experience.  And please don’t say that Trump is innocent.  He has done things just as bad (worse in my opinion, but to each their own) and he hasn’t had any of the experience in politics that Hillary has.  30 years!!! that’s yuuuggeee!!!! (sorry for the not-funny humor)

For all of you out there, VOTE!!!! YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES, PLEASE VOTE, AND DON’T RISK LETTING SOMEONE SO HATEFUL BECOME OUR LEADER!  Please, please, please vote for Hillary.  Please!Image result for im with her

Who are you voting for?  What is your opinion on the US election?