I’m so excited to be posting my very first author interview ever!!  I love talking to everyone and reading their work, and being able to share it with others is such a privilege!

Erin is an amateur fanfiction writer who mostly writes Harry Potter fanfics.  You can find her work on FanFiction.net, so make sure to check out what she’s written so far!  I was fortunate enough to be talking with another Erin (whose work I’m editing) and she told me about this Erin, and we started an interview, which went a little (or a lot) like this…

How did you choose your pen name?

WhyamInotinRavenclaw – My frustration at only being able to be in one Hogwarts house- Hufflepuff is my primary house.

What is your latest piece of writing?

Lady Knight

How did you decide to write it?

I wondered what it would be like to be growing up in the shadow of heroic parents, and what a pain it would be, and went from there.

Do you have any tips for writing and getting started?

Start writing, then edit.  If you try to edit as you write, it will be very slow.  Write about things that interest you.

What’s your favorite book?

Dang… Harry Potter series or Throne of Glass Series.

Why did you decide to start writing fanfics?

I wanted to see what would happen to the character I loved.

Who’s your favorite ship?


Which author (if any) inspired you to start writing?

John Green

How do you plan to celebrate the winter holidays?

With my family – Singing Silent Night as we put baby Jesus in the manger

What is your favorite part of Christmas?

Mass with my family

What hobbies do you have?

Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Photography, writing, reading, knitting

I was so glad to have the chance to sit down and talk with Erin, and learn a little more about the person who wrote the awesome Fanfictions that I love to read!  And, I’m a little shocked, because I never thought of Fred and Hermione being together.  Ugh.  I still love Ron (I know that’s an unpopular opinion).  If you’ve ever read Harry Potter, please take the time to go to Erin’s site, and read one stories.

Are you a writer or a blogger who would like to be interviewed?  Contact me, I would love to read your work, review it, or interview you!