About a month ago, I stumbled upon this insanely unique, quirky, fun to read, and oh so relatable blog called Teenella… and I instantly wondered why it had taken me this long to find it in the first place!  Her entire blog is so inspirational and full of life that you can spend hours getting lost in her posts, and cheering out loud when you read some of her strong opinions and powerful thoughts (and trust me, that’s exactly what I did).

Now, I’m a little nervous to write this post because her blog is so amazing (just like her personality) that I want to make sure I actually do it justice.  The worst thing I could possibly do (besides writing nothing at all) would be to make it seem like I was just throwing in a bunch of random adjectives rather than actually saying what I mean.  And I realize if you read the first sentence that’s exactly what it sounds like…. sooooo….. let me reiterate one more time that Teenella is AMAZING… and now I will try to keep my flowery adjectives to a minimum 🙂

2016-12-14 (1).png
One of my favorite parts of her blog: she has a static home screen where you can find exactly what you want easily… Clicking on “nice and organised” gives you the most beautiful assortment of categories too!

The first thing that struck me when I went to Teenella’s page was that SHE MADE IT FREAKING SNOW.  And not only that, but SHE HAS SUCH A COOL COLOR SCHEME EVERYTHING POPS AND YOU JUST WANT TO CLICK ON EVERYTHING BECAUSE COLORSSSS!  She does an amazing (crap I did it again) job of making everything pretty and aesthetic, so that even if you don’t speak English you will want to spend hours clicking around her blog.  Plus, she uses one of my favorite fonts ever for her headings, so that’s an added bonus (Side note: I decided to add screenshots of her blog so that you can all appreciate it).2016-12-14 (3).png

When I first read Teenella’s “All About Me” post, I had already been clicking around for a while (in awe of the prettiness) and so the first thing that I thought when I read it was, This girl is lying, there’s no way she was ever shy like she says she is.  Of course, this is an extremely unfair judgement, and so my second thought was, You go girl, way to show the world your true self, make that difference!  Do the thing that the rest of us only dream about!  And honestly, based on her blogging, I really think that she can.  It’s now been over 2 YEARS since she started blogging, and you can tell that she really truly cares about everyone in her blogging world, and in real life, and I admire her so much for that.  Even if she hasn’t “changed the world” yet, she has certainly changed the lives of the many people who have read her advice posts, or just been inspired by watching (err… reading) the way that she lives her life and overcomes obstacles.

I’m sometimes skeptical of life advice blogs, because let’s be real, I’m a teenager and I know everything (I say, laughing sarcastically and hiding behind a book in case anyone finds out the truth), I don’t want to be told what to do!  But she manages to make hers more a blog about life, by telling stories about what happens to her, mixed in with helpful self confidence posts, and guest posts, and everything you could ever think of.  Her blog isn’t a preachy “do this”, it’s a “I messed this up and I don’t want you to, come help me and we can learn together” and I think that’s really really cool.  Example: her I’m Rooting for You post.2016-12-14 (4).png

And now I just realized that this is a bit long, so to sum it up I just want to say that Teenella has made my day so many times, just by reading her posts, and has given me the confidence that I need to know that I can overcome everything.  Teenella, your blog is INCREDIBLY, AMAZINGLY INSPIRATIONAL AND PERFECT, and I’m so glad that I found it.

Fellow Bloggers!! People of Planet Earth!! Take a few minutes out of your life to go to Teenella’s page (and I promise you won’t regret it)

P.S. @TeenElla I hope you complete your bucket list 🙂

P.P.S. I know this is longer than it’s supposed to be, but you put together the whole thing so you deserve it, plus I have a lot of side comments

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