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It’s the first month of 2017, and I can already tell that this is going to be a huge year for me.  It has started off on such a positive note, I’ve been keeping up (somewhat) on blog posts, and I’ve managed to find the time to interact with so many of you!  Since it’s the last posting day of the month, it’s time to talk about everything good, and bad, that has happened.

Books Completed…

  1. Girl out of Water– You can read the review here, but basically I absolutely loved it.  It was a great reintroduction to YA, and it kept me hooked almost the entire time.
  2. Final Girls– I cannot even tell you how excited I was to get approved for an early copy of this thriller.  I flew through it, but unfortunately won’t be posting a review until May 😦

I made it through 2 this month! That’s pretty on track with my goal of 25, so that’s good news 🙂 I hope to beat my goal, because 36 would be awesome, but we’ll see.

Currently Reading….

This section is a little better.  I’m currently reading a physical book for school, and am listening to my first ever audiobook!!  It’s going a lot better than expected, and I think this is going to become a regular thing.

  1. Invisible Man– this could have been finished a month ago if I didn’t have to read one chapter every 3 days because of school requirements.  It’s pretty good, but I hate it being dragged on so long
  2. Little Bee– This is my audiobook!  I’m only about an hour into it, but I really enjoy it so far.  It’s about a Nigerian refugee in Britain.  I think it’s cool to listen to because the narrator speaks to you, the reader the entire time, which makes the listening effect even better.

Challenge Progress…

You can find the complete list of challenges, and what I read for each one, HERE

Read Harder Challenge– I’m 1/24 right now, but Invisible Man will count for one as well, which means that I’m essentially on target.  I’m going to need to start selecting books specifically for that purpose soon or I won’t finish

Goodreads– Like I said earlier, I’m on track at 2/25

What’s In a Name– I’m 0/6 so far, but I think that’s okay?  Like the RHC, I’m going to need to go out of my way to find books soon

Best of the Blog…

  1. Blogging Advice Post— I wrote a 9 step process for better blogging, and it seemed like people liked it! I’ll have to think about doing more along this vein for the future.
  2. Interview with Mahriya— The reason this post is on the list is because I had SOOOO much fun writing it and making it with her.  Thank you again for wanting to do the interview! If you haven’t already read it, it’s worth your time (I promise)
  3. Fictional Characters I would love to meet— After writing this post, I was reaffirmed that literally everyone loves Hermione.  Not that I was surprised, but it’s ironic that the main character doesn’t get nearly as much attention as she does
  4. Author Interview with Hugh— Another interview makes the list!  This one was really cool because I learned so much about Hugh’s inspirational story, and how it played into him writing his first ever book.  And…. 60 freaking comments!?!!? I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m not complaining 🙂
  5. Girl out of Water Review— I adored this book, and it’s not coming out for a little, but you guys should totally check it out if you enjoy YA!


Sorry for the bad pun I was trying to be creative while writing about the good things that have happened in January.  Ugh, I hate myself now, so let’s please pretend that didn’t happen.

  1. I reached 128 followers, had my blogiversary, and learned just how many incredible people actually read my posts
  2. I had my signing for college, and it was super fun!  I’m so grateful to know where I’m going, be able to play the sport I love, and have such an amazing group of friends and family
  3. I started using Netgalley.  I know that this isn’t really that interesting, since I said I used it earlier, but after no approved requests I had stopped completely.  Now, at least, I’m using it and getting approved!

A Bit of Bad (to be improved upon at a later date)…

  1. I missed almost every single Twitter chat.  I even had them in my calendar and still managed to forget.  I guess I can blame it on the British and their 5 hour ahead time zones
  2. I had to take midterms, but they’re over now!! They’re probably my last standardized test in all of high school, since seniors with an A don’t have to take finals.

So Yeah, January…

Overall, this month was pretty great!  We’re expecting a nor’easter as I write this (yes, I’m writing early, and yes, that means a blizzard in New England) but that’ll be the first bit of snow we’ve gotten in a longggg time.  Even when it does snow, it stops/melts super quickly, and we’ve had more 50 degree days than ones below freezing!  Who knows what global warming February will bring.

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