Today, rather than a typically boring post from me, I’m excited to introduce William to the blog!!  William is a writer and social media manager, as well as one of the founding forces of Crazy Essays, and he decided to share with us the 9 most important rules about blogging, that some people have no idea about.  I think it’s a great post filled with incredible blogging tips, so I’m excited to share it with you guys:


Blogging is another form of networking. You start with a few audiences and hope to goodness that they will spread the word about your blog too.

Of course, you will have to continue spreading words about your site as much as you can as well. Your duty as a blogger does not end with one effort. As a matter of fact, you will have to continuously market your blog as long as you as you are willing to keep it live.

And since we are talking about keeping your blog alive, here are the things that you should not do if you want to keep it for a very long time.

Not Doing Internal Linking…

Internal linking is when you use your older posts in order to provide a reference regarding your point from your current post.

There are a lot of reasons why you should do internal linking. One of those is to drive traffic to your site, keeping your older posts useful and alive.

Second is, they help you prove your point with what you are trying to say. It acts as a reference or backup information to clarify your point.

The third is, they help with Google to determine the quality of your posts. It adds value to your site, giving you a score and a positive ranking in various search engines.

Using Clunky URLs…

Google needs to index your site in order for it to recognize what your niche is all about.

The worst thing that you could do is use unrecognizable words when making URL. To use the full potential of SEO to your advantage, you must be well aware that it is much easier for crawlers to find and index you if they can easily recognize your address.

That also means that you should use a readable domain name.



• (Long form)

• (Short form)

Not Linking to Other Bloggers…

If you are familiar with guest blogging, then you will easily understand this concept.

Linking to other bloggers will not just give you leverage about referencing to some of the authority in your field, but also give you the opportunity to invite others to join and contribute to your topic.

It can also build your reputation as an authority and another positive point on your search engine ranking. It is just as effective as internal linking only it goes outbound but the points are still the same.


One of the most negative acts in the eyes of all search engines is the act of plagiarism.

It is a known fact that being a blogger requires a lot of posts about tons of ideas. Unfortunately, we all run dry and unable to produce new ideas easily.

Some bloggers are often tempted to copy other blogger’s work. Apparently, this is another way to kill your site’s reputation and along with it, the ranking.

Writing a Very Long Paragraph…

Most online users are not fond of reading bulky posts. In fact, a lot of them do not read at all. If they find that the post has a lot of long paragraphs in it, they just skim through it.

You should avoid writing in this style. It gives the impression that they are about to read a stuffy article with little to none of the answers that they need will be found. Besides, it looks boring. Kind of feels like reading a novel.

Not Inviting Your Readers to Leave a Comment…

Each time you post something in your blog, make sure that you end it with a call to action.

Inviting them to leave a comment will make them feel that they could participate or perhaps make them feel wanted.

Comments are good for any blogs. It gives credit and makes your posts valuable because there are proofs that people find your content relatable. The more comments you get, the more value your post has.

Absence in Social Media…

Another place to invite and gather visitors for your site is by being active in social media.

Make yourself visible in Twitter, Facebook and other places that could be of use in promoting your site. Any chance you get to mention or market your blog is a good chance of positive effect for your blogging career.

Writing Nonsense…

By nonsense, I mean writing about a topic that nobody really cares about. People read blogs and articles only if they find a significant need for it.

To them, time is precious. That is why they only read the content that might be helpful for them. They want a read that can perhaps solve their problem, enlighten them, guide them or give them the answer that they require.

Come up with a topic that your audience will relate to. It should be something that is either trendy or useful.


Success will never be achieved if you give up.

Most blogs I know only find a certain momentum towards success after two to three years. There are some who quit blogging after a certain number of months or so.

You should know that, once you quit, all your work will be for nothing. They will all be gone and just disappear to oblivion.

It is wrong to think that success with blogging is easy and can be achieved overnight.

I am afraid that overnight success is not for this industry. You have to be consistent because before success could come, reputation must first be built. You have to earn the trust of your people. By people, I mean your audiences, your readers, and your subscribers.

Final Thoughts…

These are important “rules” that I urge you to take heed while pushing through your blogging career. Consider them and I assure you that your blog will reach success in due time.

The basic thing to do is try to be consistent. Do not let a month pass by without writing anything for your blog. Do not let a month pass by without doing anything at all for your blog.

Luck has nothing to do with your goal. God will provide if you start making actions. You will not reach anywhere if you just sit down and wait for things to go your way. Start with writing a killer post and do everything else I have told you in this article. Then positive things will happen.

In your experience, what other things you could do to help your blog gain success?

William BournAuthor Bio…

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