I’ve been throwing around the idea of starting a blogger awards exclusively for book bloggers for a while now, and I decided to finally just bite the bullet and do it.  This winter, I realized that the majority of awards go to lifestyle and beauty bloggers mainly because they have the biggest followings and we don’t have categories tailored to what we do, so I wanted to do something just for us!

I’ve decided to do it as a midyear awards thing, which will happen in two phases, the first starting now and going throughout April, and the second which will go throughout May.  Depending on the turnout for part 1, I may end up cutting out part 2, but hopefully we will get enough attention to make it worth it!  Read on to find out how to participate:

The Rules…

  1. Everyone who is nominated for the award MUST BE A BOOK BLOGGER.  However, anyone is allowed to vote and nominate their favorite book bloggers.
  2. You may nominate up to 2 people for each category.  Any more than this and it’ll be overwhelming.  If you can’t narrow it down, (I guess) you can do 3.  BUT ABSOLUTELY NO MORE I SWEAR IT
  3. One blogger can be nominated for as many categories as you see fit, but try not to nominate bloggers for categories which they are not qualified for.  This will save me time and inconvenience of making sure the people who win are actually deserving of the award.
  4. In order to nominate people, include their username and A LINK TO THEIR BLOG.  That step is crucial, otherwise I won’t know which “Jane” you’re talking about.  (I don’t even know a blogger named Jane that name just seemed pretty common)

How it Works…

Part I (April 5th-April 30th):

  • Today, voting officially opens.  In order to vote, read the categories below and create your own blog post in which you nominate everyone that you wish to win.
  • Make sure you have your blog post pingback to this blog, or provide a link in the comments so that I can find it.
  • Tag your posts with #bookbloggerawards so that it is easily searchable from the reader.
  • If you don’t feel like writing your own post, then feel free to just comment below with all of your nominations.  Just think it through all the way and keep everything in one post please!

Intermission (May 1st-May 7th):

  • During this time, all nominations will be closed, so I’ll go back through and count up all the votes for each category and figure out who is winning each
  • Those who were nominated will be narrowed down to a maximum of 5
  • All those who were nominated but not in the top 5 will receive a recognition post

Part II (May 7th- May 31st):

  • A new post will be uploaded to this blog with a Google Form that will allow you to vote among the finalists
  • At the end of this voting period, the winner from each category will be announced, and a post put together to recognize them!!!!

The Categories…

These are grouped into sections in order to make it easier.


  • Best Teen Book Blogger (13-19)
  • Best PreTeen Book Blogger (Younger than 13)
  • Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)


  • Young Adult
  • Middle Grade or Younger
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction / Dystopian / Fantasy
  • New Adult / General Adult
  • Literary Fiction / Classics / Poetry
  • Mystery and Thriller
  • Does a little bit of everything


  • Best book reviews
  • The Master of Weekly Features (top 5 wednesday, waiting on wednesday, top 10 tuesday, etc)
  • Best Book Recommendations
  • Prettiest Bookshelf
  • Best bookish discussions


  • Most Engaged in the Community
  • Blog Aesthetic
  • Most full of personality
  • Best Friend ever


  • Best New Book Blogger (created blog after July 2016)
  • Best Overall Book Blogger

How You Can Help…

In order to make this successful, we need a lot of publicity.  WTTN isn’t the biggest blog by any stretch, and so it’s going to be up to you guys to make this work.  Reblog this post, post it on twitter and instagram, and make sure everyone knows about it!  Also, when you post your own nominations, make sure to promote that as well and provide a link back to this post.

Thank you all so much for participating and I can’t wait to see who you all chose!!!!!!!

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