My local library always has a book sale rack, where people can leave books which they have finished reading, and then other people can come and buy them for $1.  I absolutely love this, because it’s a super cheap way to get a ton of books, and plus it’s uber profitable for the library, which basically makes it a win win.  Last week, I happened to stop in at the library, and I came back with 5 amazing reads that I can’t wait to share with you!  (not to mention I got approved for a couple Netgalley reads so you’ll see those too)

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  1. The Queen’s Fool– Philippa Gregory’s Tudor Court novels are MY LIFE. I read The Other Boleyn Girl, and am currently reading The Constant Princess.  I’m pretty sure this one comes much further along chronologically, but oh well I’m very very excited to start reading it!16183
  2. The Virgin’s Lover– This is another Tudor Court novel, and it takes place right after The Queen’s Fool, so YAY!  I also forgot to mention that I already own The Boleyn Inheritance, so I’m 5/8 for the series.  19486412
  3. Big Little Lies– Liane Moriarty is one of the best authors of all times, imo, and the fact that this is now an HBO series makes me that much more excited.  I actually watched the first episode before reading the books, and it drew me in, so I can tell that the books will be amazing.  28587957
  4. Small Great Things– Jodi Picoult always writes books that are hard to get through without sobbing and questioning your life, and based on the blurb and the few reviews I saw, this will be no different.  Picoult takes on racial issues from the perspective of a white person, and I think that’s really cool and something that’s not addressed much in fiction (unless you count the white authors trying to relate to black people, which is completely different than what she is trying to do here).13526165
  5. Where’d You Go, Bernadette– Maria Semple wrote this book quite a few years ago, but I’m just hearing about it for the first time.  It’s about an agoraphobic mother who (I believe) abandons her family.  It sounds like a super tough read, and maybe one that will allow me to better understand this particular phobia.

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  1. Select– This one sounds classic teen, but also fun and I haven’t read a light book in a while, so it’ll go on my TBR and hopefully I’ll get to it eventually.  It’ll be a good mix up from the last couple of books above.34816709
  2. Not the Only Sky– This is an odd description, and it’s gotten 0 Goodreads reviews yet, so gods only know how much I’ll like it.  The description and the cover drew me, so I decided I’d give it a try.


I’m still having trouble believing that I got a full 7 books in the past week– it doesn’t seem real.  I’m going to be super behind on my reading, which isn’t necessarily good, but what’s life if you’re not living it on the edge, right 🙂

Have you read any of these books? Are they on your TBR? What do you think of them? What does your latest book haul look like?


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