I’m very, very excited as I write this post right now.  I was just recently “inducted” so to say, into the #BroodyBFFs, which is a group of bloggers who all get to talk about Brooding YA Hero (a Twitter personality soon to have his own book), write blog posts, create graphics, have a chance to win free stuff, and have an awesome community of people!!

Our first challenge is “How You Found @BroodingYAHero“, which is what I will be discussing with you all today! Luckily, it’s a fairly interesting story and I’ll be mixing in lots of stellar details and random side notes just to make sure you all stay interested.

It was just a regular day… I was sitting in my room, staring out my window, waiting for the boy (who would later become the man) of my dreams to swoop down and rescue me from eternal boredom and punishment in order to drag me on his quest to save the world by continuing to devalue me until we fell in love…. 

No, but seriously, I’m going to tell you how we met.

A couple of months ago, I stumbled across a retweet by Ava (I think) of a Twitter account called Brooding YA Hero, nicknamed Broody.  I immediately hit the follow button, because I adore parody accounts, or any humor really, but this one was bookishly related so it seemed even more awesome than normal.  and I was right.  Broody is a perfect combination of sassy, brooding, and cliche that I find myself laughing and favoriting (or at least retweeting) every single tweet that comes across my timeline.  For example:2017-05-08 (2)I mean come on, how many books have you read where the MC’s main love interest had a terribly tragic past, and then just happens to be THE ONE.  It’s ridiculously accurate, and the sense of humor is SO on point with what I love.  I guess that’s why I’m sort of obsessed with the account.

I had never before seen someone so seductive, with such dark brown hair, and green eyes like emeralds, which flashed, electric, in my direction.  He was all I could have ever hoped for and more.  I was laughing, I was crying, and suddenly we are best friends…

Anyways, after I followed Broody I began seeing more and more of his accounts on my timeline.  I adored it, and I applied right away to be a BroodyBFF, screamed when I got the acceptance email, promptly forgot to fill out the survey, cried, figured it out, and now I’m here.

If you haven’t met Broody yet, make sure you take a trip to his Twitter page, and if you have, hopefully you enjoyed this story!!

look upinto the stars. (4)

Have you met Brooding YA Hero? Do you love Twitter parody accounts? Are you a #BroodyBFF (if so link your posts!)?  Do you find the account oh so relatable? What are your favorite YA novels with cliche “Brooding YA Heros”? Any other random comments? 


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