A few weeks ago, I was nominated by one of my most wonderful new blogger friends, May, for the Liebster Award!  I was super excited when I found out, because it means not only do I get to answer 11 great questions that she came up with, it means I’m not just obnoxiously commenting on her posts while she sits there and wishes she never has to talk to me again. yes, I need that validation.


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  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions they gave you.
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  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

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If you were to stop blogging, what would be the reason?

Alright, so clearly May is absolutely insane, because I don’t see myself stopping blogging EVER.  But, if I did quit, it would probably be sudden and without warning.  Like, one day I just start slacking on my blogging posts and then I never log in again and I’m… gone.  When I was a freshman, I started a bookstagram and I had a lot of really good friends there and then I just stopped and my friends were worried for months and I logged back in years later and saw and was like *oops*.  I would never decide to stop, I think it would just happen because I was distracted by other things.

What are some hobbies you have?

Reading, OBVIOUSLY.  That’s my #1 by far.  But also basketball is the greatest passion in my life, I couldn’t live without it.  It’s my outlet for my anxiety and one of the best ways to get myself back under control.  The only other thing that does that for me is writing.  Which is one of my other hobbies.  I’m trying to write a novel, and I write poetry (which you can find here) and some random weird scribbles of writing that I would never let anyone see.  And I think that basically sums up my life.

~Also, I’m a semi-professional editor and would love to read your work~

Would you rather be dead or die? (Yes, there’s a difference.)

Well, I didn’t realize there was, so if you’re like me here’s the fancy youtube video link that I used to answer this question.  I think I’d have to go with die, because at least then you’d be LIVING while you die.  If that makes sense.  Just being dead would mean that you are a limp wad of nothingness.  I’m not really about that.  I’ll go out with a bang of dying rather than just be… dead.

Do you like mangoes???

I’ve only had about 2 mangoes in my entire life, and I have to say that although I thought it was good, I didn’t love it (Sorry May).  I’m FRUIT OBSESSED and eat roughly 4 pieces per day, and it’s that low because my mom rationed me because I was eating all of the clementines.  I would 100% eat a mango and enjoy it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it.

What book would you not feel guilty about stomping on, tearing, and burning in a fire?

WTF? I don’t know what kind of question this is, but all I’m thinking about is Nazis and censorship and that’s not really my cup of tea… but honestly the worst book by far that I have ever read (in my entire long life) is Life of Pie.  That book has honestly killed me because it is so popular but I see no value in it whatsoever.  It’s the only book I’ve ever read that I was like, how can anyone in the whole world practically enjoy this.  There’s no value in it.  NONE.  and since so many people love it, I wouldn’t feel guilty at all about getting rid of it in the most brutal way possible.

What blogs do you ALWAYS look forward to reading? (Or, if you’re afraid your dear readers might feel bad: What type of blogs do you tend to follow? ie. book blogs, lifestyle blogs, writing blogs, etc.)

I’m going to go with types of blogs, because nearly all the blogs I follow I get super excited when I see a new (nonreview) post uploaded, since it’s nearly always incredible and it would be impossible for me to narrow it down.  I mainly follow book blogs, because lifestyle depression/mental health blogs make me super sad and that’s not helping anyone.  I only follow lifestyle if they have a good sense of humor mixed into their posts.  Also, I never follow beauty bloggers because if it takes longer than 5 minutes to get ready, that’s too long 🙂

What’s one moment in your life you’d choose to play over and over again (aka re-experience over and over again?)

The day that I got into the college of my dreams.  I jumped up and down and cried of happiness and was generally just so surprised that I couldn’t deal with all of my emotions.  And now I’m actually going there next year and THAT IS STILL SO SURREAL.

You have the choice of reading a book you HATE, every single day, or reading one good book per year. Which do you choose?

What kind of question is this? I kind of want to put in that spongebob meme wHErE thEy KeEp MeSsInG WitH LEttErS because that’s the only thing that I can possibly think to put for this question.  I guess I’d have to go with one good book per year because it would be terrible if reading was no longer enjoyable.

What’s one food you will never get tired of eating??? (ONE food, people, ONE.)

Does pizza count as a single food? I adore pizza and could eat it for every single meal of the day, especially EGGPLANT pizza with other veggies too because that shit’s incredible.  If it doesn’t count as a single food, I’ll go with apples, but only apples in season, and NOT RED DELICIOUS because those are the opposite of delicious.  I am a firm advocate of Gala and Fuji apples. (and you should always eat organic!)

What would you do if someone walked up to you and gave you 100 bucks?

Give them a weird look because WHY ME.  But then after that I would be super happy and run around screaming about it and probably get it stolen because of that… assuming that I could hold onto it for a little while, I’d buy When Dimple Met Rishi and The Hate You Give and Strange The Dreamer, and then I’d put the rest of it in my college savings account because #responsible.

How are you right now? ❤

This is such a sweet question and you just made me so happy by asking it, so I’d have to say that I’m doing good!

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  1. If your blog suddenly got deleted, would you try to start a new one or just give up?
  2. The world is full of zombies and aliens.  Would you die, join the resistance, or become one of them?
  3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  4. Choose: mascara or lip gloss/stick?
  5. You’re trapped in a box with no windows, but there’s a door on the top and on the bottom.  Do you go up or down?
  6. What character are you in a typical horror movie?
  7. Would you rather be able to swim underwater (and breath underwater) really super well, or be able to fly?
  8. Most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?
  9. Most embarrassing post you’ve ever written? (if you don’t have one, just link your first)
  10. Where do you sit in the classroom (front row, back row, etc)
  11. What fictional characters would you most want to hook up with? Marry? Kill? (one for each)

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I always have trouble doing nominations, because I don’t want to not name anyone that I love, and I don’t want to name people who are going to be annoyed at getting tagged, and there’s a lot I need to nominate, so I’m going to do a mix of blogging friends and people who recently followed my blog.

  1. Mahriya @ My Bookish Life
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  3. Nia @ Shades 0F Paper
  4. Elm @ Just Elm
  5. Kai @ Quartzfeather
  6. Mirra @ A Young Writer’s Dream
  7. Zuky @ book Bum
  8. CJR
  9. luvtoread
  10. Kit @ Let the Pages Reign
  11. Erin Decker

I can’t wait to read all of your answers! Make sure you link the post back to this one so I don’t miss it 🙂

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