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Snow White


This book (like the movie) started it all

Favorite Debut Book From an Author

I’m going with Girl out of Water for this one because I adore Laura Silverman and I feel like she deserves it SO MUCH especially because she’s been such a wonderful online presence throughout all of the shit that’s been going down in our country over the past few months (and probably earlier but I just started following her).  Also, Girl Out of Water is amazing and although she hasn’t published anything more yet, I know it’s going to be the start of something great.


A diamond in the rough

Just Like Cinderella, You Either Didn’t Expect Much Out of This Character in the Beginning But Turned Out to Be a Total Jem

hmmmm this one is really hard… I have a tendency to have very high expectations for all books and they always meet them… I’m going to go with Smugglers and Scones, because I got this book from the author and I knew it was indie, so I wasn’t expecting a ton, but it was SO FREAKIN CUTE I fell in love with the characters and story instantly.



Sleeping beauty

A Book That Makes You Sleepy or Just Could Not Hold Your Attention

This is so easy because I JUST DNFed IT BECAUSE I COULDN’T ANYMORE.  Not The Only Sky was filled with quirky cool characters but the plot made me want to dieeeee and I nearly completely stopped reading because it made me so extraordinarily bored, so I’m glad I set it aside.



Under the sea

A Book With a Water/Ocean Setting

what? That’s the description that they’re using for Ariel?? They could have done so much better TBH but oh well we’ll roll with it and go with…. In the Heart of the Sea!!  This was nonfiction but a really good story at the same time, and so I would recommend.



Beauty and the beast

Name a Book With the Best Bookworm/Book Lover

ahhhhhhhh it’s time for me to FANGIRL ASDFGHJKL I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!! Strange the Dreamer was just so so so so so so so so sos sos so sososososoosoooo good!!!! Lazlo Strange was GREAT and the most adorable creature that I’ve ever met, not to mention the fact that he’s a total book lover, and I have such a big fictional crush on him.  Like SO BIG.  AAAAAHHHH (also I love the fact that he’s 20 instead of the usual fantasy 15, because it makes me feel way better about being in love with him)



The thief and the princess

Name Book with an Unlikely Love Story (Either in Terms of Romance or a Book You Didn’t Expect to Love So Much)

I’m not going to say much about The Bone Witch, because there are possible spoilers, but I didn’t see this at all? Like why was it a thing? No.  Just no.



The real life princess

Name a Book that is Based on a Real Life Person You Want to Read/Have Read

Anna Kendrick is basically my idol.  She is so incredible and her acting is great and I love all of her movies, and reading her nonfiction memoir just amplified that.  She’s great. Just great.  plus the book was super funny, which is always a bonus.



The princess that saved her country

Name the Fiercest Heroine You Know

LOLA!! I just read that book and she was the most badass gang member that I’ve ever met (oops I don’t mean met).  I loved how she totally just overrode all these giant men to get her way, and became one of the most respected women in her whole neighborhood.  Not only was she strong, but she stood up to a lot of men who were used to being in charge, so in her particular situation it made her strength even more important.



The princess with the coolest and  most diverse crew

Name a diverse book whether it is a diverse set of characters (like Tiana’s group of Naveen, Louis, Ray, and more) or just diverse in general

I have to go with THUG on this one because I’m reading it right now and it is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.  I cannot rave enough about amazing the characters are in this book, how real they are, and what an important message this shares with everyone.  It should be on all schools required reading lists.



Let your longggg hair down

Name the Longest Book You’ve Ever Read

Hmmmm….. *heads over to goodreads to check*

I think the longest ASOIAF book was A Storm of Swords at 973 pages!



I determine my own fate

A Book Where There is No Love Story/Interest or Isn’t Needed

The Clan of the Cave Bear.  I hear that later in the series there might be some romance, but as far as this first book goes, Ayla doesn’t need any men to survive, she’s badass and can take over the world without them, just like Merida.


Image result for anna and elsa

Frozen hearts

A Book in a Winter/Cold Setting

I actually don’t have one for this, surprisingly.  I feel like most books where I know the seasons are always summertime, or there’s just no description of seasons at all that I register.



How far I’ll go

A Character That Goes on a Journey

Literally every dystopian/fantasy/YA book ever?? I suppose if I have to narrow it down I’ll go with The Bone Witch, since I haven’t mentioned that yet I don’t think (although tbh I could be wrong, I have a VERY short term memory)… EDIT: I DID ALREADY MENTION THIS OMG OOPS I’M SO DUMB


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