Tis the holiday season… and that means AWARDS SEASON!!!

In the coming months, there will be soooo many big end of year blogger and book awards coming out for us to vote in, the biggest of which is open now: THE GOODREADS CHOICE AWARDS!!

I personally love book awards and voting and stuff (not really sure why tbh) and so I decided to talk about how excited I was and also all of the things I think could be better about them…

At my time of writing this post, it’s the semifinal round (which is obviously closed soon) so I’ll just base all of my opinions off of that

Best Fiction

The first category, best fiction, was disappointing for me personally

I feel like there’s SO MANY good fiction books that I read this year, but none of them made the cut.  The only one I’ve even heard of is MY NOT SO PERFECT LIFE by Sophie Kinsella, but since I haven’t actually read it I didn’t cast a vote.

Best Mystery & Thriller

I actually read precisely one of these– The Fourth Monkey.  I unfortunately wasn’t a huge fan, though, and so don’t really want to vote it in.  Paula Hawkins also had a book in the semis, and I sort of hope she wins even though I didn’t read the book because I adore her.

I was super disappointed that Final Girls didn’t get elected, because I ADORED THAT BOOK!! (but don’t worry we’ll see it later)

Best Historical Fiction


(but I’ve read none of them)

Women in the Castle and The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane are both super high up on my TBR, aka I’m gonna read them the second I can find one cheap.  Praying that one of these wins

Best Fantasy

My vote is 100% for Fantastic Beasts, since that’s the only one that I’ve read and I’ve really really really enjoyed it!!

My guess is that A Conjuring of Light will 100% win though

Best Romance

literally no comment

Best Sci Fi

still none (why am I even writing this post lol)

Best Horror

so apparently Final Girls got sorted into this category, gods only know why.

FINAL GIRLS IS SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO GOOD THOUGH!! VOTE FOR IT!! It’s sort of insane that he’s going up against Stephen King though, it’ll make life difficult.

If you haven’t read it yet, check my review and then go get it

Best Humor

we are…

Best Nonfiction

…skipping these sections!

Best Memoir/Autobiography

I sort of want What Happened to win just because I think it had the most influence on this year as a whole, but also Daring to Drive sounds SO FREAKIN INSPIRATIONAL so I’m not 100% sure

Best Debut Goodreads Author

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE THE HATE U GIVE!!! this book was so incredibly emotionally perfect that i’m going to die if it doesn’t win.  It deserves it soo sooo much

(other notable entrants include Caraval, which is on my TBR)

Best YA Fiction

Okay so I voted THUG (see above) but also I loved When Dimple Met Rishi, would 10/10 recommend.

One of Us is Lying was decent, but the other two were wayyy better in my personal opinion.  Also I haven’t read Upside of Unrequited but it’s gotten a lot of incredible reviews so I’d recommend.

Everything in this category was really strong which makes me smile.

Best YA Fantasy and Sci Fi

Strange the Dreamer is my favorite by far to win this category.  Although technically it isn’t even YA so Goodreads what you doin?

Language of Thorns, Warcross, Caraval, King’s Cage, and Carve the Mark are on my TBR.

Please don’t let Black Witch win, I don’t understand how a book with a super racist reputation could even get this far.  Ugh.


I clearly haven’t read a lot of the books on this list, and I cut out a bunch of other categories because there are only so many different ways to say idk, but awards make me so happy I had to write this post.

I can’t wait to see all the winners

halfway (47)

Who’s your favorite to win the Goodreads Choice Awards? Do you agree with my votes? Do you love award season as much as I do?


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