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We all love reading (or at least, I assume, since you’re on my book blog) but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why we love it so much.  For me at least, I’ve loved it for so long that it’s just been an inherent part of who I am.  That’s why I really wanted to take a look at this prompt and try to write something somewhat relevant and maybe even a little bit deep (lol NOPE) for this post.

I can thank my mom almost completely for my love of reading. When I was little, she would read to me CONSTANTLY throughout the day , and made sure that I stayed very interested in all of the books she’d read.  Each night, just me and her would get quality bonding time reading a book out loud together, and I came to look forward to that time as a chance to hang out with my mom.  We read SOOOO many books together, and nearly all of them are still my favorites today: Harry Potter, The Golden Compass (THERE’S ANOTHER ONE COMING OUT), Watership Down, and probably so many  more that I just can’t remember right now.

As I got older, I began reading more on my own, and she just recommended the books rather than reading them out loud to me.  This gave us something to talk about, and we were both equally passionate.  I mean, we had THE MOST heated debates about characters and SHIPS, before I even know what a fandom was.

The internet most certainly also fostered my love of reading.  I stumbled across fictionpress and fanfiction.net in middle school, and used it as an opportunity to write fanfictions (I only have one, and it’s very incomplete and terrible, so I won’t share) and roleplay fandoms online. This seems SUPER WEIRD and I would never tell anyone in real life about it, but text based rping is basically like a collab story where you are each a character.  It helps SO MUCH with improv and getting to know how your characters would react to certain things, because if you do something super OOC everyone will call you on it. I’ve created 3 super active forums, which I left to die and still feel really bad about. But that’s not the point.  The point is that finding a group of people to talk books with will make your reading passions THAT MUCH stronger.

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In high school, I found the book blogging community, and that got me into books in a whole other way.  Y’all have forced me to read books that I never would have thought about otherwise, and broadened my reading circle so freakin much.  I love it.

In college, I’ve found so many people who love reading just as much as I do.  I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that I’ll be sitting at dinner with friends and THEY’LL JUST BRING UP A BOOK THEY READ. Like I’m so used to being somewhat embarrassed for my reading in social settings that it’s bizarre to me that everyone is so nerdy.  I’ve gotten TONS of good book recommendations, been able to share books with people in my dorm, and fangirl IRL.  it’s perfect.

I don’t know how my bookish journey is going to continue in the future, but I have a feeling my love of books will only grow (oh gods, is that even possible?)

oh! side note! Im learning the dvorak keyboard because apparently its more efficient, but right now it just makes me really slow so sorry if my posts are shorter than normal!!

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Why do you love reading? What’s your reading story? Have you read Broody’s book? Do you know the Dvorak keyboard and is it really more efficient?


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