A few months ago, I did this exact award, but because it’s all about answering people’s questions and telling fun facts about yourself, I decided to do it again!!

This time, I was nominated by the lovely Shayna, who posts tons of great works of writing over on her blog Hail Angelic Creation.  If you enjoy reading poetry or short stories, you should totally go check her blog out!


The Rules

  1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs
  5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer

Okay.  So I got 1 down easy, I’m super excited about 2 and 3, but nominating 11 blogs is going to be SUPER HARD.  Luckily it’ll probably take me an hour to do the rest of this post, so I have plenty of time to think about it 🙂

Shayna’s Questions

Why did you join WordPress?

This one’s easy for me personally.  It was the first website that popped up when I googled “make a blog free”.  I had also previously used Blogger and hated the way it worked.  I found it very not-user-friendly, which is the opposite of what a lot of people say, so I’m not really sure what’s wrong with me.   Anyways, I wanted to post something I wrote online, and WP was right there for me.

Describe your writing/blogging style in one sentence.

(yikes, idk) I try to make my posts interesting to read while at the same time being helpful, passionate, and fun.

What would you like to be able to do with your blog in the next few months?

hmmm another hard one… I’d have to say that I want to find the time to post 3x a week again, since I loved doing that, I was getting tons of views, and it was just generally making me happy.  That has a lot more to do with my real life than online life, but I’m hoping all of January will allow me to get ahead.

If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

Ummm… this is really tricky.  It’s probably cheating, but I’d love to be my future self for one day, because I feel like it would be so comforting just to know where I’m going in life and that I’ll make it through college and have a happy future (at least I’m hoping, lol)

Is there anyone you try to emulate while writing?

Oh, of course!! I wouldn’t say “emulate”, but whenever I’m writing a certain scene that I could picture one of my favorite authors writing, I try to channel them in my work. It’s not so much a specific author style as a scene that I remember. Like I have characters meeting up in a school and I’m like “what would JK Rowling write?” in the back of my head.

When I’m blogging, I tend to think more about what I would like reading than about what other people are writing.

Are there any rules you follow for yourself and your work?

I tend to let myself go wherever I want.  In blogging, I just write whatever post comes to mind that day.  In writing, I just write whenever I want to.  And that means that I write LOTS of mini synopsis for new ideas and never make it very far into that story.

Name three pet peeves.

hmmm… this is a tough one.  I guess my number one pet peeve is when people play basketball with their hair down.  I mean, IT’S NOT THAT HARD TO PUT IT UP and it makes life so much easier for everyone around you.

2. People who say “obviously” about things that are TOTALLY NOT OBVIOUS.  There’s a chance i’m guilty of this occasionally, but it makes me soooo annoyed when people do it. Like sorry you’re better than everyone else, I’ll just be over here learning non obvious things.

The third one…  I’m not sure, I’ll come back to it (hopefully by writing this I’ll remember lol, if you’re reading this I clearly did not)

If you could have one question answered with complete honesty, what would you ask?

I would ask literally anyone what they think of me, likes, dislikes, etc.  This probably makes me sound incredibly self centered, but really I just don’t believe that people genuinely like me so some validation (or hearing what drives them insane) would make me feel more confident in myself.

What’s one writing weakness you have?

I try to put myself into the story too much.  Unintentionally. (ugh, I guess I am self centered) Especially when I write from the “I” perspective, I realize that my MC is basically a more idealized version of me and I have to groan and go back and change it because it’s not good writing, it’s projecting.

If you could change one thing about nature, what would that be and why?

The itchiness of grass, and buggy-ness. I LOVE LOVE sitting on grass but sometimes it can get so itchy, and ants start to crawl on you, and it freaks me out a little bit. Sitting outside and doing work or reading is so convenient, and a little more comfort would be fabulous.

If it was legal to have any animal as a pet, what would be the newest addition to your family?

wow, I don’t think I’m the best one to answer this question.  I would never have any animal, even legal ones, so I have no good answer. The goldfish would have to be my go to (I’M SORRY ANIMAL PEOPLE, I THINK THEY’RE CUTE I SWEAR)

Facts About Me

  1. I haven’t finished a single book since school started
  2. I’m now an official adult but it feels super weird and I wish I was a little kid again
  3. My favorite food is butternut squash
  4. I prefer British spellings of “grey” “realise” and other “-ise” words because I read Harry Potter at a very impressionable age (it took 3 years for a teacher to convince me that color is spelled without a “U”)
  5. I’m going to learn to code over January break and I’m super excited!!
  6. I type in dvorak half the time because I enjoy learning useless things
  7. I LOVE LOVE sudoku, and lately I’ve been playing Ken Ken a lot
  8. My goal in life is to be featured in a Google Doodle
  9. I don’t have a favorite author, and normally don’t even look at the author before I pick up the book
  10. I say y’all but I’m from New England
  11. I’m 6 feet tall and love wearing heels

Questions for Nominees

  1. If you could only read books by one author for your whole life, who would it be?
  2. Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or one made of chocolate?
  3. You have $200,000 to travel the world– where would you go?
  4. What’s your opinion on eating while reading?
  5. Favorite sport?
  6. Are you more of a talker or a listener?
  7. Which food group could you never live without?
  8. Weirdest/most unpopular opinion that everyone judges you for?
  9. Describe yourself in one word
  10. If you had to rip off the covers of every single book you own, or give them all away (and never own any again) would you do it?
  11. Best thing to do to kill free time?


I’m going to nominate lots of my new followers because I haven’t interacted a lot with any of you and this seems like a great way to get to know y’all!

I can’t wait to hear all of your answers!!!