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Before this year, I never considered where I was reading.  I mean, it didn’t really seem to matter that much. Whenever I had a spare moment, whether it was in the car, in my room, or out at the mall, I could just pull out my kindle/book/phone, and start reading. I actually remember reading a post on “places to read” (I can’t remember who wrote it, so sorry for the lack of credit if this was you) a couple of years ago and my instant reaction was “why do you need a place to read? can’t reading happen everywhere”?

Which is why it’s somewhat ironic that I’m writing this post today.

Since entering college, I’ve read a lot less. And that means that if I want to read, I have to carve out time for myself where I don’t let myself think about anything else. When your reading becomes like this, it does become sort of necessary to find a place where you really love reading. Because if it’s only going to happen once a month, I want to be comfortable and happy doing it.

That’s why I’m making a list, right now, of all the best places to read on my college campus.

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1. The Lawn

okay, admittedly, this one will only work if it’s warm, because otherwise it will be super uncomfortable. But on a nice summer day, there’s nothing better than grabbing a blanket, spreading it out in the center of the quad, and reading your book while absorbing all the vitamin D that comes your way. Plus, it’s a really great opportunity to people-watch, because your fellow sunbathers are undoubtedly doing something interesting, and so when the book becomes too much (*THE FEELS*) you can look around and remind yourself that it’s okay that your ship is not going to work out (who am I kidding, that’s never okay, you’ll never be okay but i guess we’ll get over it eventually)

2. My Dorm Room

Make a bag of popcorn, tell your roommates not to bother you (or better yet, convince them to also read, bonus points if it’s the same book!) change back into your pajamas, and start reading. This is the epitome of comfortable, and you don’t have to go anywhere to do it. Especially on rainy or cold days, this can honestly be so fun and relaxing.

3. Starbucks

Yes, I’m a #BasicWhiteGirl but I’ll embrace the title.  There’s a Starbucks within walking distance from my school, and there’s been a few days where I’ve walked down, ordered a cup of coffee, and sat in the corner comfy chairs reading my book. It’s a nice change of scenery from campus, and lets me get more lost in my fictional world than I’m able to when I’m surrounded by reminders of the work I have to get done.

4. The Dining Hall

Pros: People watching, You can get up and get more food whenever you want

Cons: People will bother you, you can get up and get food whenever you want

(enough said)

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Where are your favorite places to read? Do you have any recommendations? Do you change where you read based on what you’re reading? Have you cast your nominations for the book blogger awards yet? Comment below!





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