Reminder that the 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards are going on right now!!!!! If you haven’t placed your nominations yet, head over to the rules page and vote! This is our chance to nominate all of your favorite book bloggers and give them the recognition that they deserve (plus, getting nominated might just make someone’s day). Nominations close at the end of the month.

I’m so excited to write this post. quite possibly my favorite part of blogger awards is that it gives me the opportunity to scroll through all of the amazing bloggers that I follow, and remember why I love each and every one of them. The process of choosing one blogger over another is really, really hard, and it took me a long time! But without further ado, I present to you, my nominations for the book blogger awards. Make sure you cast your nominations as well 🙂

(ps i sort of got lazy as i went and stopped writing as much for each person i nominated, so don’t take it personally, i was just low on time!)

Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19)

Kai @ Quartzfeather! Kai is literally an amazing human being, and I always look forward to reading her blog posts. Everything she writes is done so well, and it makes me smile so much just to be on her blog.

Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)

Zuky @ The Book Bum– i admire Zuky’s blog and her dedication so much, and love reading everything she posts.

Best Book Blogger from an Underrepresented/Minority Group

Tavleen @ Travelling Through Words— I’m super guilty of not commenting on Tavleen’s posts enough, but i’m always sure to read her posts because they’re amazing

Young Adult

Kourtni @ Kourtni Reads (Edit 1/8/22: blog deleted)– Kourtni’s book blog is incredible, and I love reading all of her posts, even if i don’t necessarily read as much YA as she does!

Science Fiction / Dystopian / Fantasy

Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek— I love the unique style of Drew’s blog, and the way he seamlessly mixes together reviews, discussions, tags, and more

New Adult / General Adult

Sarah @ The Critiquing Chemist— Sarah’s blog is incredible, and I love the way she goes about formatting and writing reviews and posts!

Literary Fiction / Classics / Poetry

Briana @ Pages Unbound— I love her blog SO MUCH and always look forward to reading what she’s written

Mystery and Thriller

Sam @ Clues and Reviews— I love thriller and mystery books, and this is my go to blog whenever i need a recommendation

Best book reviews

Olivia @ Brewing Up Books— Olivia’s book reviews are so well written, so detailed, and beautifully formatted. It makes it super easy to tell exactly what she liked about a book at a single glance.

The Master of Weekly Features

Holly @ Nut Free Nerd— Holly does weekly features so well, and puts it together so aesthetically, that it’s fun to read no matter what the category!

Best Book Recommendations

Savannah @ The Book Prophet— i normally don’t read reviews (i know, SCANDAL) but Savannah’s are always super well done, and if she liked a book, i instantly want to read it just because of the way she writes her reviews. She’s normally 100% on point with her recs and i know i can trust her to give me my next to die for read.

Best Discussion Posts

Mikaela @ The Well Thumbed Reader— she always manages to come up with the most interesting, potentially controversial discussion posts possible. i love it and am infinitely jealous of her creativity

Most Engaged in the Community

Ava @ Bookishness and Tea— I think Ava does a ton for the community just by talking about important issues and making sure everyone’s voice is heard!

Blog Aesthetic

Nia @ Shades of Paper— her blog is gorgeous and i’m so glad i found her in the big/lil blogger match-up i participated in a while back!

Social media influencer

Cait @ Paper Fury— Cait’s blog is incredible, and (if this is even possible) her Twitter game is even more impressive

Best personality / friendliest member of the community

Isla @ A Whisper of Ink— I love isla and i love her blog, and even though she’s not been blogging as often as she used to, i still look forward to everything that she uploads. Plus, i know that she’ll always be there to talk if i need to!

Best Overall Book Blogger

May @ Forever and Everly— I LOVE MAY’S BLOG! She’s one of the most amazing people ever, her blog is always great to read, it’s beautiful, and it’s just generally amazing… go check it out people.

Categories I did not nominate people for, because i don’t follow anyone who applies:

  • middle grade / younger
  • romance
  • prettiest bookshelf
  • new book blogger (i feel SUPER BADLY about this one)

Make sure you cast your nominations before the end of the month! The whole point of these awards is to recognize incredible book bloggers for all the hard work they do, and to hopefully find some more amazing blogs to follow.