wow, it’s been a minute since i’ve written a post trying to give advice about absolutely anything. and in a way, this isn’t even going to be an advice post. in fact, by the time y’all read this post, there’s a chance that it’ll just have turned into a discussion on whether or not you should blog consistently (edit: i added pros and cons to the end to make it seem less decisive). But at any rate, hopefully you glean something interesting from this post.

PRO: Gain a Bigger Following

i found that when i was consistently blogging 3x a week, i gained a following far faster than when i was posting on random days, although i was still posting the same amount in a months time. Laying out a schedule of MWF (or something similar) was huge for having people want to follow my blog, because they knew they could rely on my for content.

PRO: You know how much you have to do

this was a huge pro for me. i knew how much i had to blog and then, even if i wasn’t particularly in the mood, i was able to force myself to sit down and type up a piece. When i had no consistency, i only blogged when i was “in the mood” to do so, and then sometimes i would go a full week without posting and then post 3 on the same day. you can still type out 3 posts all at once (all the power to ya) but you should then schedule them, so that they’re spread out over time.

PRO: Views increase

this goes along with the first one, but in a slightly different vein. when you are posting on the same date and time every week, your followers know when to check for your content (this is ironic since i’m currently posting this wayyyy late ha ha ha) then, even if you aren’t necessarily gaining followers, the ones that you do have will be more likely to read your posts, and so your views per post will most certainly shoot up. exhibit A: i’m willing to bet i will have significantly fewer views on this post than i would have if it was posted 6 hours ago when it was supposed to go up.

CON: Added Stress

and now to the cons! blogging consistently can cause a LOT of added stress. i mean, you’re no longer only blogging for you, you’re also blogging for a calendar. that means that even if you’re super busy, don’t want to write that day, or just can’t think of what to write, you still HAVE to get a post out there. for me, i’m able to avoid a lot of this by scheduling in advance, but i still sometimes fall behind, and then i feel like blogging is a chore that i have to keep up with rather than a fun activity, and that’s not really what i’m going for.

CON: Forcing Content

this goes along with the one before it. if you are pressed for time, don’t know what to write, but still have to get a post out there, what you write tends not to be your best. for me, when i was posting 3x a week i went through a phase where i was struggling for time and therefore only wrote tags and memes, rather than any discussion or advice posts, since the latter took far longer to write up. i felt like my quality of content was going down, and had to drop down on how many posts i uploaded per week in order to make my content a bit better.

CON: The Inspiration (TM) Happened TODAY

not sure what i’m doing with the title to this con. i thought i was funny but now i’m starting to regret it but oh well hopefully someone understands my humor. anyways… i should probably say what i mean. basically, sometimes you come up with a really super good post to write and you can’t wait to share it with the world– but according to your schedule you don’t post again for another 4 days. that feeling kind of sucks. and it makes doing blog tours or other time sensitive media infinitely more difficult. i know some bloggers stick to a schedule for their “good” posts, and then upload blog tours, or random inspired bits at other times to supplement. that can be good too, and a nice way around this con, but i still feel like you’ll lose some of the benefits (such as added views) of posting on a schedule when you do this.

so there it is! my advice! which isn’t really advice! more like a discussion! i guess if i were to turn this into a preachy “do this” post, i would say that y’all should for sure post on a schedule, if you are able to. i think the benefits far outweigh the cons as long as you aren’t too aggressive with how much you think you can write in a week/month/whatever time period works for you.

but anyways, i’m for sure not the expert, so

let's talk

How do you feel about posting on a schedule? when do you think is the best day of the week to post? best time?





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