It’s officially that time of year where i get to announce the book blogger award winners! for those of you that haven’t been following, for all of April you were able to nominate your favorite bloggers for a series of book blogger awards, and then in May, the bloggers who received the most nominations entered a Twitter voting round, to find the single winner for each category. Today, i’m going to be announcing those winners!

In categories where there are multiple winners, it’s because there were over 4 people who were tied for the highest number of nominations, and so each twitter poll winner is represented 🙂

The Bloggers…


ILSA @ A WHISPER OF INK!! I’m so excited to announce Ilsa as the winner for this category. There were so many incredible bloggers nominated but Ilsa is so amazingly incredible, her blog posts are always well written, and she is the first person to go out of her way to leave a super long, super nice comment on your blog. When she shares her writing, I literally squeal with joy because it’s so amazing. All of her bookish opinions are on point, and I love both her and her blog.


Destiny @ Howling Libraries!! Destiny’s blog is amazing. Her “Down the TBR Hole” posts are some of the most interesting I’ve read, and never fail to give me great book recommendations (aka her “cutting down the tbr” is actually growing mine). Her blog is beautiful, well put together, and just generally incredible.

Lia @ Lost In a Story!! Lia’s blog is so aesthetically beautiful that I’m surprised she didn’t win in that category too. Her reviews ALWAYS make me want to read the books she talks about (unless it was a bad review, of course) because they’re so amazingly well written. You NEED to go give her blog a follow if you haven’t already.


Fadwa @ Word Wonders!!! I had never followed Fadwa’s blog before these awards came out, but I’ve followed her Twitter for a while now, and she posts amazing threads that bring so much awareness to the ignorant people (like me) of the bookish community. Besides that she writes such a wide variety of posts– discussion posts, reviews, book lists– that you’ll never be bored no matter how far back on her blog you scroll. She’s amazing, and after seeing her blog, it’s not a surprise that she was able to win this category.

By Genre…


Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books!! Marie was nominated in so many different categories that no matter what you’re interested in, I would recommend that you go check out her blog. she writes such unique, well worded posts, has beautiful pictures, and is just generally amazing. This was by far the most popular category to get nominated in, so it says a lot that Marie was able to win it.


Camillea @ Camillea Reads!! Camillea’s blog is a fabulous mix of color, book reviews, and weekly memes. She does all of this so well that it blends seamlessly together, and makes for a fabulous reading experience! Although I’m not huge on romance books, I love Camillea’s blog.

Ari @ The Romance Corner!! Ari’s weekly recaps, book reviews, and just general blog are incredible. Her about description says “Happily-ever-afters are my kink” and honestly I love that so much it made me laugh and feel warm on the inside all at the same time. She for sure deserved to be a winner in this category.

Sophie @ Beware of the Reader!! Sophie’s blog has such a different vibe than most of the other blogs in this category, and that truly makes it stand out. Not only does it have high quality content (like all of the others), but it has an intense, mysterious vibe that makes me want to hang out on her page forever.

Kayla @ Books and Blends!! Kayla’s reviews, weekly memes, and even her wrapups are just so special and wonderfully written. I love spending time reading Kayla’s blog and finding so many interesting new books. Everything about her blog is so happy and wonderful.


Charlotte @ Charlotte’s library!!! Charlotte’s blog is filled with reviews for middle grade books. I love the fact that she makes all the info about the book easily accessible and appealing for people in that age bracket. Whether you enjoy middle grade or know someone who does, her blog is a must read.


Lili @ Utopia State of Mind!! All of Lili’s reviews are incredible. Short and to the point, they give you all the information you need before getting a book in a format that’s easy to understand, and draws you in. It’s my go to when looking for an SFF recommendation.


SARAH @ THE CRITIQUING CHEMIST!! Sara straight out won this category with the most nominations, and it’s obvious how she did it. Her blog is so well put together, and her writing is fabulous. Plus, she’s just generally a super cool person to talk to. I mean, just check out her analyses of A Storm of Swords and the other ASOIAF books. They’re beautiful. I would have nominated her just for that.


Holly @ Nut Free Nerd!!! Holly is one of the most incredible bloggers I know. Not only is her blog absolutely incredible, but so is she. I love when she talks about her life, writes book reviews, or participates in weekly memes. Basically, I love everything about her and just can’t get enough. If you don’t follow Holly already, you need to.


Chelsea @ The Suspense is Thrilling Me!! Chelsea’s reviews and author interviews are both what make her blog so special. She has a way of writing mystery reviews that manage to tell you exactly whether or not you like it while giving literally nothing away. She’s incredible, and I love her and her blog.

Zuky @ The Book Bum!! Zuky’s Netgalley weekly meme (which she created) is half the reason I’m so behind on my ARCs. she always gives the best advice when you need a book, and is a go to for pretty much any genre. Her blog is so well designed and beautiful, it’s certainly worth the follow.

Norrie @ Reading Under the Blankie!! Norrie’s review are awesome, and so is her blog. I love the way her blog is laid out with book cover graphics, and I love the way her posts are written. She’s absolutely incredible and deserves this award.

The Niches…


Mel @ Mel to the Any!! As I’m sure you could probably guess based on the category she’s nominated for, Mel’s book reviews are INCREDIBLE. I mean, she hit the #1 US Goodreads blogger spot last week, but that doesn’t show just how great her reviews are. In addition to star ratings, she has an in depth breakdown of her opinion of the book, the characters, and anything that could have been done better. It’s amazing, and she has become my go to blog to check for reviews.


Destiny @ Howling Libraries!! (second win)


Lia @ Lost In a Story!! (second win)


Cait @ Paper Fury!! Anyone who has been in the book blogging community for any amount of time knows that Cait is a goddess. She quite literally rules the bookish community, and I say that in the most endeared way possible. Not only is she hilarious and sweet and amazing, but her posts are incredible. She writes some of the best discussions, writes lists and quizzes that never fail to make me nod along in agreement, and is just generally fabulous. If you haven’t followed Cait yet, you’re behind and need to head over.


Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books!! (second win)


Cait @ Paper Fury!! (second win)


Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink!! (second win) Ilsa does an amazing job designing her cover images for each post– they’re beautiful. And she has Emily to thank for designing her blog theme.


Cait @ Paper Fury!! (third win)


Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books!! I was the most interested to see who would win this category, because everyone in this community is so incredible. But after lurking on Evelina’s Twitter and blog recently, I can tell that she 10000% deserves to win. She runs International Bloggers, New Bloggers Support Group, and ARCs Anonymous, and in all of them she’s the first to go out of her way to talk to new members and make everyone feel welcome. She’s fabulously warm, and her blog is equally as fantastic.

And Finally…


Aurora @ Aurora Librialis!! Aurora may have only started her blog recently, but you can’t tell it by looking at her recent posts. They’re so well put together, so thought out, and full of great original content. I love being on her blog because of the fun, lighthearted color scheme, and it makes it even better that it can be counted on for original content. This is a huge award to win, and hopefully she’ll be around long into the future still giving us great posts to read and fawn over.


The Orang-utan Librarian!! Okay before I say anything real about her blog, can we first just appreciate how fabulous her header image is? I mean not only is it popping with color, the orangutan is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life, and totally makes me love her blog more than I already do (if that’s even possible at this point). Her posts are so unique and have so much personality that I can spend forever reading just her posts and not get bored. Her blog certainly stands out among the bookish community, and it’s not a fluke that she won this award.

Cait @ Paper Fury!! This is her fourth win of the awards, and I think that says a lot. Basically, she’s the most must-follow blogger in all of blogging.

Congrats to all of these amazing bloggers!! And thank you to everyone who nominated bloggers, and to all of the bloggers who were nominated but didn’t end up winning. You are all incredible and i love each and every one of you ❤