Happy episode 3 and happy SUPER GAY EPISODE! I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since they announced that Sara Ramirez was going to be on the show, and it’s HEREEEE. I really enjoyed writing the recaps for the first two episodes so I’m looking forward to continuing. Hopefully you guys also enjoy these recaps, and if there’s other shows that you’d like me to watch and recap, let me know in the comments section!

I don’t watch the “last week on” parts so let’s right dive in.

We open in the podcast studio, where Che, Jackie, and Carrie are having a weird sexually explicit conversation. After the show, Che lets Carrie know that she really did well this week, and that “zingers” is not an appropriate word to use anymore. We also find out that Che is recording a comedy special on Friday. Mark your calendars because that’s really the climax of this whole episode. What is not the climax is this podcast. It’s SO BAD and from what they’re showing us so far, seems to cater to exclusively cishet men. I want to turn off the show every time it begins.

Later that day, Miranda shares that she listened to the podcast and thought that Che was hilarious. Carrie’s excited to hear this, because she plans on bringing Miranda to their comedy special. Miranda could not possibly be more thrilled to hear this. The woman has a serious crush.

Miranda, Carrie, and Gloria (Big’s secretary) listen to the reading of Big’s will. Apparently he decided to give 1 million dollars to Natasha (his ex-wife whom he cheated on with Carrie the entire time they were married), a fact which will totally ruin Carrie’s life for the rest of this episode. She is furious. Honestly I think she should chill out a little bit. Big was probably just trying to be a nice guy to a woman he screwed over by having an affair!

After that, they head over to lunch. Charlotte is offended to find out that Stanford was also invited. “I only booked a table for three” she complains. Stanford calls out the fact that Charlotte refuses to consider him a part of the inner circle even though he’s been there for years. Not sure what’s more interesting, the fact that Charlotte has suddenly decided to hate Stanford, or the fact that they needed to find a restaurant that Carrie had never been to with either Big or Samantha. That’s a lot of restaurants!

Carrie goes home to her apartment and attempts to find out the Big secret that Big has been hiding. She tries his computer, his phone, and even the pockets of his suitcoats before finally finding something. A phone number, hand written on a scrap of paper. To be honest, at this point I was also starting to get a little angry, because a post-humous cheating realization would soooo not be okay for me or for Carrie. When she calls the phone number, her own phone rings. Big had written down their own number, and it’s a good thing he did because clearly Carrie didn’t recognize it. Carrie isn’t so easily placated though, because she goes through Big’s wallet. We find out that our favorite John James Preston was fully vaccinated and had a dog named Gogi back in 1965.

Meanwhile at the Goldenblatt household, Charlotte is reading a book to Rose. Charlotte calls Rose her “baby girl” and Rose announces that they don’t like to be called a girl! I thought we had a baby lesbian coming our way, but I guess I misread the situation, because Rose explains that they “never feel like a girl”. Charlotte quite literally falls out of the bed when she processes this, which isn’t the best reaction ever but I guess it could have been worse? I wish they could have just made her 100% supportive from the beginning, but we do get it by the end of the episode so I guess that’s a pretty fast resolution compared to what I was worried we were going to do.

At Miranda and Steve’s, the parents question whether they should be allowing their son to have sex in the house, and his girlfriend feels the need to inform everyone that whole milk is better for aging bones. This feels like not something a girlfriend should be saying to her boyfriend’s parents, but I guess I don’t feel like they should be having sex loud enough to be heard either!

In the cold clear light of day, we head over to Anthony’s bakery with Charlotte and Rose. Anthony calls Rose “little girl” and Charlotte very non-subtly calls him out into the hallway to tell him that Rose doesn’t want to be called a girl. I can’t decide whether this is a really sweet gesture or outing someone who didn’t give their consent to be outed! It doesn’t matter though because Anthony is an asshole about it and says that “when she was six, she wanted to be a puppy! did you believe her then?” Charlotte says that no, she didn’t, but she did put a bowl of water down on the floor for Rose to drink out of.

I’m super happy Charlotte is being supportive and hope it stays that way! Charlotte asks Anthony for legitimate advice on how to handle it, but Anthony seems to think Rose is too young to do much of anything. In fact, Rose is at least a pre-teen, and by that age kids are normally old enough to have a grasp on what gender is. Kids as young as 5 have been known to have complete awareness of their gender, and Rose is way past that, so Charlotte should really be listening to her child. I’m not sure who in the writers room decided to make Anthony transphobic, but overall not loving that part.

Miranda continues being absolutely obsessed with her chia seeds. This is the second scene in a row where she talks about them. Steve hates chia seeds though, because they get stuck in his teeth. The show seems intent on emphasizing all the ways Steve and Miranda are super different. The problem is, we’ve known that they are super different from the day they met and we as an audience (and as a Miranda) got over that, so if they’re trying to demonstrate marriage problems, they should try a little harder! Miranda wants to watch “the Danish show that everyone says is confusing but worth it”. By this I assume she is talking about The Danish Girl, which is VERY GAY and I want to know who “everyone” in Miranda’s life is.

Carrie is still spiraling about why Big had a dog named Gogi AND a PinkBerry punch card in his wallet when he never told her about either. She’s unable to come down from the panic that Big was cheating, so she decides that the only solution is to email Natasha. She did this at exactly 1:40pm today, and just a few short hours later, she’s heard nothing. Appalling! No worries though, because Carrie also DMs her on Instagram, just to be safe.

Natasha blocks her.


Never one to be discouraged, Carrie gathers the crew together to stalk her. Carrie admits that she’s afraid Big regrets choosing Carrie or that Natasha had an affair with Big to get back at her. Both very valid fears, but given the fact that he’s DEAD I’m not sure what finding out the answer is going to do for her. Nonetheless, we head through the fancy doors to Natasha’s high powered job. That’s one thing this show has always done remarkably well- all the women are incredibly successful at what they do.

Carrie takes so long inside that Charlotte’s phone dies while waiting. When she asks Miranda for a charger, she hands her friend the entire backpack, which apparently weighs about 50lbs. The reason why becomes obvious in about .3 seconds. The entire front pouch of the bag is filled with nips (or shooters, for those of you who did not grow up in the Northeast) of Titos! Strike four, we’re definitely getting an alcoholism storyline with Miranda this season. Charlotte pretends like she didn’t notice anything but proceeds to enter an intense line of questioning about how Miranda’s life is going

  • is it stressful being a student again? now that she knows everyone pronouns, no. (i hate this whole pronoun / race / general woke confusion thing that Miranda has, but that’s a discussion for later)
  • How are Miranda and Steve? The same, although they haven’t had sex in years

We’re interrupted from diving further into this when Natasha’s look-alike assistant comes to tell Carrie that Natasha is in fact in Rome. We know this isn’t true because we saw Natasha walk through the front doors of the building. Still, Carrie and co are foiled for the day.

It’s finally Friday. Che’s show is tonight, but before we get there Carrie has to walk across the entire city in her high heeled shoes. She’s so mad at Big! It’s taking her right back to the way she used to feel in her 40s! She doesn’t even know if she’s enough! The happy sad ending is ruined! This is honestly quite devastating. I’m devastated. Imagine thinking that someone was cheating on you and not being able to talk to them about it… ever… because they’re… dead?!?

On her nonstop walks, Carrie runs into Natasha in a bathroom. Natasha obviously thinks she was stalked, but it truly was an accident. Initially, Natasha is furious and states that she’s already given Carrie far too much of her time, a fact to which Carrie agrees, which pacifies Natasha and she sits down. Natasha says that she doesn’t plan on accepting the money from the will, because she doesn’t understand why Big would even leave it to her when they haven’t spoken. Carrie is shocked by this! If I didn’t know any better, I would think Carrie had been the one that was cheated on in the relationship. Natasha admits that Big was always in love with Carrie, and Carrie can go back to having only happy memories about Big.

It’s finally time for Che’s comedy show! Their skit starts with roasting men’s ability in bed, something which Miranda cheers quite loudly for. It continues into gender, where Che says that there’s only ever 1 trans or nonbinary character in a single story. This is pretty funny given that they’re currently the only trans/nonbinary character in this particular story, but it does confirm where Rose’s storyline is going. Charlotte and Carrie have a classic sidebar conversation in the middle of the show, to which Miranda angrily shushes them. Can’t they see that they’re missing the amazingly hot comedian Che perform their best work? Because Miranda certainly can!

Che talks about how their family easily accepted them, and Charlotte starts crying! I’m so happy that she’s being supportive! After the show, she calls up Rose to tell them how much she loves them and I start crying too.

No time to linger though, because Che says “better to be confused than to be sure” and this is something Miranda can most certainly relate to! Honestly Che’s comedy is more of an inspirational seminar than a comedy show, so maybe they should consider switching career paths. I don’t think it is super funny or something I as a queer person would particularly enjoy, but it sure is working for our favorite cis “het” friends Charlotte and Miranda. Che ends by telling everyone to suck their dick, and Miranda would love to if given the opportunity! She wants to hit up that after party if it’s the last thing she does. She wants to go so badly, in fact, that she shoves her friends into the back of a taxi car and goes right back into the building.

Miranda proceeds to fangirl so intensely that Che chokes on their drink. Miranda needs to stop talking and just breathe, but she’s unable to because if she stops talking then will she keep hanging out with Che. Che suggests that Miranda smoke some weed. Miranda doesn’t smoke because she’s not good at it, and things she’s not good at she normally just abandons. Never fear though, because Che wants to shotgun her! “is that where you… blow the…” Miranda stumbles. Yes. Yes it is, and Miranda would love it! I scream. Che and Miranda almost kiss as Che blows smoke into Miranda’s mouth, and the whole world slows down and Che looks so fucking good and Miranda looks so fucking shocked and I am still screaming because IT’S SO HOT.

Back in the taxi, Charlotte wants to address Miranda’s drinking with Carrie. Charlotte thinks (knows) that Miranda is drinking too much, and shares about the nips found in her backpack. Carrie just wants Charlotte to stop noticing things, but honestly that’s being a really shitty friend because at the very least she should agree to keep an eye on the situation!

When Carrie gets home, she’s unable to get herself to go inside, and instead she walks back to her old apartment. And Just like that… she walks herself home. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss the Carrie narrations and wish they’d bring them back. Or better yet, Che could narrate the beginnings and endings as if it’s on their podcast.

The grief storyline was a lot more interesting in this episode, but maybe that’s because I’ve just gotten more into the swing of the characters. I’ve finally started enjoying what is happening and being able to feel what the characters are feeling, so that’s a big win. I think the show is consistently getting better as the episodes go on, so I’m hoping we consider on that trajectory.