We’re back with another recap! Recapping actually takes so much time and effort and I have a newfound respect for everyone who does it, because it’s certainly not easy! Getting these posts out on the same day that the episode drops is definitely not going to happen every week, but this week I don’t have work so my schedule is flexible and I can deliver.

This episode was my favorite so far, BY FAR, but a lot of this is probably because there were very few non-white people with speaking lines, so there was a limited opportunity for our main cast to engage in clumsily racist conversations that made me want to hide under the table. In fact, the only microaggression of the night was Miranda misgendering Che. That has to be a record.

are you sure you don’t want to sell?

The show opens with Carrie and Seema headed into Carrie’s personal apartment. Seema points out all the ways she could make Carrie’s brownstone more sellable, and Carrie insists that she’s not selling, she was just showing Seema the apartment since she asked about it. Carrie is also suffering from a bad back that requires her to limp up the stairs, so Seema puts her in touch with Vik, her orthopedist.

At the doctor’s Vik says that Carrie has an undiagnosed congenital hip defect, which can be easily treated with surgery. Obviously, Charlotte has a full spreadsheet made up of when all of them should be assisting Carrie, and she shares this at their lunch hour, the three women plus Anthony, who apparently is taking Stanford/Samantha’s place. Carrie is going to be forced to wear flats until her hip heels, a fact which is exceptionally appalling given that the only flats Carrie owns are the Toms she, like the rest of us, bought in 2007.

peep the ring light

Charlotte finds out that her child changed their name to Rock on a zoom call with the other mothers. The moms seem shocked that Charlotte doesn’t already know, and drop off the Zoom call pretty much immediately, leaving Lisa to call Charlotte and fully explain. Charlotte goes into the other room where her whole family is playing video games to confront them. Rock explains that they thought they had come out to their parents- they made a TikTok!

While Charlotte and Harry sit there confused, Rock shows her parents the video and Lilly sings along happily. At least one person in this family is being wholeheartedly supportive of our baby nonbinary! Rock is so sure in their identity and it’s really cute to see so I hope their parent’s nervousness doesn’t wear off on them. I’m sure the show is trying to show a reluctant-supportive parent in the hopes that it will influence other parents who are just plain reluctant, but I wish we could skip straight to the supportive part!

Charlotte and Harry have a meeting with the school teachers, find out that Rock uses they/them pronouns, and get labeled as “resistant parents”. Charlotte wants to emphasize that she’s not resistant, just surprised. The teachers share that Rock seems very sure of themself and that they will be taking cues from the child. Go teachers!

Miranda is on a journey of her own this episode! It starts by her opening Amazon packages and finding the book “Quit Like a Woman” all about overcoming alcoholism. She’s sure that Charlotte bought it for her and is instantly outraged. When she tells Carrie, her friend asks if she’s sure that she doesn’t have a problem, and Miranda says yes. There’s no time to discuss it further, because Carrie is called into surgery.

no but I wished I was with a girl

Post surgery, Charlotte has also showed up, and she has questions. She wants to know if Miranda ever wished that she was a boy, and Miranda says yeah of course, any time she has to go to the gynecologists’. Charlotte hasn’t shared about Rock with her friends yet, so none of them really understand why Charlotte is asking. Carrie has to be helped to the bathroom, and Charlotte carries (hah) her over just in time for Che to call.

Miranda answers the phone (“Hi, it’s Rambo”) and lights up at the fact that Che is there to visit. When Carrie finds out, she’s understandably less than thrilled, and tells Miranda that she has to make the Che thing not happen. This is when Miranda misgenders Che, and Carrie quickly corrects her. I don’t like that Che’s love interest is misgendering them. At all. It’s bad enough that we can’t just have everyone on this fictional TV show get their pronouns right, but to have it be their love interest feels like a special sort of cruel. Alas.

Carrie shouldn’t have worried, because Miranda certainly figured the Che situation out. She headed downstairs to the cafeteria, and the two grab lunch and chat. It’s interesting because Che consistently deadnames themself, stating that “Cheryl was weak but now Che knows what they want”. In case any of you aren’t familiar, many trans people don’t want their deadnames ever mentioned at all! Miranda thinks that the salsa is too spicy, and the two laugh about everything.

Anthony helps Carrie get home, and then Carrie has a podcast to record. And thank god it’s a podcast, because not only is she high as a kite, she’s wearing the worst hat known to mankind. On this episode, she tells the story of when Samantha pulled out her diaphragm when it got stuck. Charlotte is horrified and says that she needs to tell Samantha in case someone else does. Carrie ends up texting her and Samantha replies in a positive, normal way, but ghosts again when Carrie says that she misses her. I also miss Samantha, the friendship dynamic between the three women doesn’t work without Samantha’s humor.

Next up on Carrie’s home watch is Miranda. She comes over and hangs out while Carrie takes a nap, and soon enough Che shows up, bottle of tequila in hand. Miranda suggests that they do shots together, and Che easily agrees. They do shots, light up a joint, and giggle about life in a way I haven’t seen Miranda giggle since they turned Steve from a funny loving husband into a geriatric deaf man who didn’t even get an appearance in this episode! I’d like to note that I am all for Miranda being a lesbian, but I am NOT for the shell of a man they turned Steve, best man in Sex and the City, into.

subtitles doing all the work on this one

Che needs to leave because they have a show in New Jersey, and Miranda lays it on thick by saying that she’d love if Che could shotgun her again. Che obliges, and this time the shotgun turns into a hesitant kiss, and then more kisses on Miranda’s neck. Miranda hesitates for a second and then completely gives in, pressing up against Che when they turn her around to kiss the back of her neck. It’s around this time that Carrie wakes up and reallyyyyy has to pee, but Miranda and Che don’t hear her. Unfortunately, Carrie can hear (and see) everything.

Che and Miranda make out, and Che asks if they can touch Miranda (We Love Consent). Miranda says yes, and practically screams in joy, prompting Che to cover her mouth with their hand. They have sex, Carrie has pee in her bed. Miranda shares that it was the best feeling she’s ever had in her life, and Che darts out to make their show. This scene was hot despite Carrie literally pissing in a bottle in the middle of it, so that’s saying something.

This relationship between Che and Miranda doesn’t make a lot of sense for a serious long term couple, but it does make sense for this hookup. I can totally see Che being the type of person who wants to bring someone (Miranda) on a self discovery journey.

Now that it’s only Miranda and Carrie in the house, Carrie has QUESTIONS. Namely, what is Miranda thinking? Miranda is absolutely glowing during this scene and even Carrie being kind of unsupportive and cruel can’t bring her down. What can bring her down is Carrie reminding her friend that despite the sex she just had in her kitchen, she is married. And drunk. Miranda breaks down, admits that she’s miserable, and says that she doesn’t know what to say. Carrie says that she should have said exactly that, and shifts to being slightly supportive. Miranda says that she could stop drinking if she wanted to, but she doesn’t want to stop having sex with Che because it felt really freaking good.

Back at home, Miranda is midway through making a cocktail and listening to Che’s podcast when she gets a mail notification. Apparently, she did order the book about quitting drinking. “what else did I order drunk?” she wonders aloud, and dumps all of her alcohol down the sink. Good for her! Acknowledgement is the first step!

Carrie heads over to physical therapy, where she agrees to pay out of pocket for the hot doctor that’s not covered by her insurance. I wonder how quickly they’re going to have her get over Big and get on the lookout for new boyfriends, because this feels kind of remarkably quick. Time flies in TV, and boom it’s three months later, and Carrie’s in heels again.