I’ve made it! A full month book blogging again, for the first time in years. It feels good y’all! Welcome to my December month in review, a monthly feature where I round up how my month went in all aspects, so that you guys can catch up on anything you missed, or anything I never ended up writing about. These are always some of my favorite posts to read, so hopefully you feel that way too!

Books I Read

This month, I read 6 books! I’m super happy with that progress and hope that I can keep it up come the new year. I only actually read two of these books- the rest were audiobooks. This is because I made it halfway through 2 different books I was reading but haven’t gotten around to finishing them yet!

I normally schedule reviews way in advance, which means you’ll see reviews for all of those books in the months to come. If you’re looking to read some reviews right at this very second, this month I reviewed:

TV I Watched

December is always a great month for TV watching! I watched so much this month and reviewed / recapped a decent amount of it, so here’s the roundup. If you’re interested in following along throughout the month, you should follow me on Letterboxd! I haven’t figured out how the site works all that well yet but I’d love to add some friends.



Posts I Wrote That You Loved

This month I hit my goal of publishing a minimum of three times a week, and so I have so many posts to round up for you! I’ve decided to just highlight the five posts I posted that got the most attention, so that you all can get the tldr on the blog. Also! I’ve decided to only include posts that I’ve published since the return to blogging, and in the past month or two since posting them. In the past I would just do the most popular post regardless of when I posted it, but I have a couple of semi viral posts that would always end up in the top 3 and don’t deserve to.

  1. My Return to Blogging
  2. Review: The Bachelorette Season 18
  3. Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
  4. And Just Like That Episode 3 Recap
  5. Single All the Way is the Gay Christmas Romcom You’ve Been Waiting For

Elsewhere on the Internet

December was vlogmas, and although I didn’t participate here on the blog (because I was still getting back into the swing of things) I did participate over on my Youtube channel! If you aren’t already subscribed, you should head over and watch because I put out a ton of great content for you.

Off the Internet

I had SUCH a busy month this month! Truly, the holidays are supposed to be a time where you can take days off of work and chill, but I ended up having a more hectic month than I would have otherwise.

Not to mention, the seasonal depression set in HARD right at the beginning of the month, and didn’t really go away. It was a daily struggle to get up for work, remember to write articles for this blog, and to film for Youtube every day. I thought giving myself an extraordinarily busy schedule would help me to stay motivated and not just lay in bed all day (as I normally do during December) but that wasn’t the case at all. I don’t regret it because maybe it would have been worse if I had absolutely nothing I needed to do, but in general I was overextended because of the amount of time I slept. Or, more accurately, laid in bed not sleeping.

There were fun aspects too though! Margaret, one of my friends from college, came to visit for a day and we got to hang out for the first time since literally MAY. It’s insane how you can go from living with someone and seeing them every day to not seeing them for six months. Dolly also came to visit for a while, and then I headed home for Christmas.

Okay! That’s December!! Let me know what your favorite and least favorite parts of this month were in the comments!