Hi guys! I’m so excited to be writing this post because I think it was such a great idea and I’m glad I saw it in time to participate in it! The support book bloggers challenge was created by Briana @ Pages Unbound as a way to hype up other bloggers in the community and make sure that we were giving each other attention. There’s 12 challenges (so that you can do one a month) as well as a few mini challenges to complete. I am just going to say straight up that I do not plan on doing one of these a month, but I will link back to this post and update my progress here during my wrap up posts at the end of each month.

Since this is a 2022 challenge, I’ve already updated it with a couple of things I’ve done. Unfortunately I have a really hard time keeping track so I’m sure I missed some things! Make sure you read the full post and find some new blogs to follow. Remember, it’s never to late to participate. This is also a great way to make friends in the community!! I know I don’t ~really~ count as a book blogger anymore but I want to make sure I’m still supporting the community despite having more diverse content than I used to

Total Progress: 25%

Find 10 Book Bloggers You’ve Enjoyed Reading in the Past and Give Them a Shoutout

I do this at the end of every month on my wrap up posts, so stay tuned for more content here monthly!

  1. Let’s Talk Bookish- Rereading Books (with Ange @ Down the Rabbit Hole)

Find 10 New-to-you Book Bloggers To Follow

  1. Leah’s Books
  2. Lory @ Entering the Enchanted Castle
  3. CW & Joce & Sky @ The Quiet Pond
  4. Inkish Kingdom
  5. Her Bookish Desires
  6. DiniPandaReads

Leave Comments on 10 Book Blogs

This one is going to be hard to remember to update, because I try to comment on a ton of posts all the time, but here’s a few that I have most definitely commented on:

  1. Lauren @ Never Anyone Else
  2. May @ Forever and Everly
  3. Shealea @ Shut Up Shealea
  4. Emma @ Emma Reads
  5. Andge @ Down The Rabbit Hole
  6. Tasya @ The Literary Huntress
  7. Fadwa @ Word Wonders

Write a Post Supporting Book Bloggers

Share 10 Blog Posts to Social Media

Respond to 5 Comments Other People Have Left on a Blog

To clarify to future me (because it’s only February and I was already confused by my own heading for this category) this means a blog post that is not mine!

Write a Post About Books You’ve read Because of Other Bloggers

Follow 5 New Book Bloggers (Less than 1 Year Old)

Write a Guest Post for a Blog or Feature a Guest Post on Your Blog

I freaking love guest posts, both having people write them on my blog and writing them on other people’s blogs, so if you’re interested in either please reach out!! I would actually love for this blog to eventually evolve into having many contributors like a real website-blog-thing, since there’s sooo much I want to talk about that I simply do not have time for.

  • I am counting this as done because I have lots of bloggers writing on this blog now! If you want to join them then message me!

Read 10 Blog Posts and “Like” Them

Okay I do this all the time but here is a list of a few that I’ve done today

  1. Review: Love Comment Subscribe
  2. Release Day Blitz: Second True Love
  3. Book Tour: When We Let Go
  4. What Makes a Good Audiobook?
  5. Review: Hell Followed With Us
  6. March 2022 Reads and April TBR- Endings and New Beginnings
  7. The Makings of a Great Audiobook

This is basically a “help boost the SEO of other bloggers” challenge so I really love this one!!

Share 10 More Blog Posts to Social Media

Mini Challenges

  • Comment on a book tour post. 
  • Comment on an author interview
  • Tag a publisher on social media when you retweet a 5 star review from a blogger
  • Vote for book bloggers in any end-of-the year awards where “book influencers” are nominated
  • Share your secrets to blogging “success.”