Did I watch all of “And Just Like That”, the chaotic middle aged sequel to “Sex and the City”, and then go so far as to recap the entire thing on this blog right here? Yes. Did I enjoy what I was watching? On the whole, no. It definitely had it’s ups and its downs, and I will be watching next season if it gets renewed, but for the most part Twitter and I were united in our… confusion. The show was quite simply offensive in its level of chaos. I was originally just going to throw in a few tweets and maybe rank them by humor, but I realized some of them are pretty similar so not only will I be providing you with tweets, I will be grouping them by category. How fun!

The Downfall of “Hot Young Guy Steve”

If you’ve watched the original series, you probably remember Steve as the younger guy who was really good in bed but couldn’t do much else. He didn’t have career ambitions, but he was dedicated to Miranda and keeping their relationship together. Yes, he had that one cheating scandal which was VERY BAD but in light of Miranda + Che’s affair, it doesn’t seem that bad anymore! Just like in Sex and the City, Steve didn’t seem that bad when compared to Big! And Just Like That doesn’t care at all about the fact that Steve was beloved. They want him outta there. Let’s trace Steve’s downfall together.

text: just gotta say this man, this man right here, deserves better

photos: three photos of steve smiling looking cute

Let’s start it off with a Steve appreciation tweet, just in case you’ve forgotten how great he used to be.@Harriecook hasn’t forgotten. He was cute. He was kind. And he did deserve better absolutely yes.

text: I couldn't help but winder, why have they RUINED Miranda and Steve like Brooklyn Bridge meant NOTHING

photos: brooklyn bridge Miranda and Steve hugging and the girl screaming in distress meme

This tweet is funny because of the “i couldn’t help but wonder” and it’s sad because I LOVED THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE SCENE. ARE THE MOVIES NOT CANON? DOES THE WRITER’S ROOM NOT BELIEVE IN LOVE? @onlyjoekin_ and I would love to know.

text: i miss them, they did them so dirty

photo: miranda and steve in the elevator during the "hey how lucky are we? -very" scene.

This one is simple, but somehow necessary. The writers ruined Miranda and Steve when they didn’t even have to for the Miranda awakening plot! They were the best! (Tweet via @mramiirezccc)

Miranda: it's not just me. Steve and I both know that the relationship is dead. even if I hadn't met someone, we would split up. he will be relived.
steve: i'm good actually, happy to stay together. this is incredibly upsetting.
miranda: *anyways, moving on* gif

This particular tweet made use of a GIF, which makes it hard to screenshot, but I still thought it was worthy of being shown here. If you disagree, sorry! The GIF is the “anyways, moving on” text in front of this man from that TV show that I’m blanking on right now. Miranda just totally assumed Steve wanted a divorce and then he didn’t and she was just like… brb flying to che! (use of text speech entirely appropriate here given the cringe dm lines in their relationship) Shoutout to @bri_brie for the tweet!

@ablondeblond: "why couldn't they make steve have a gay awakening too and have them open up their marriage? give steve a little twink boyfriend"

ashley ray: i would've had the season open with a steve pegging plot

@ablondeblond: i want that alternate season. miranda finds pegging porn in his searh history and goes to carrie for advice (which ends up being bad). ends with her presenting steve with a strap and just like that... Steve's a bottom

later in the season they start dating a really annoying younger bi poly couple. one of them calls Steve a daddy and he freaks out.

When we said we wanted Steve to have a packing plotline, we didn’t mean packing his bags and getting a divorce. @ablondeblond lays out an alternative plotline that still would have given us Gay Miranda (TM) but would not have given us pathetic Steve. I love it. I liked every tweet. TV writer Ashley Ray approves, so I say get her in the writers room ASAP.

If Only Che Was the TikToker Who Went To Asia

You guys knew where this was going. For every tweet hyping up Steve, there’s another 5 bringing Che down. Sure, they may be groundbreaking in terms of representation, especially on a show as cisnormative, heteronormative, and white-normative as SATC used to be, but that doesn’t mean they’re not extraordinarily cringey. Yes Sara Ramirez is hot, but Che Diaz is a hot mess. At least it’s created some great Twitter material.

rip to queer femme icon the green m&m. you would have loved Che Diaz against your better judgement

If you guys read my January Wrap-up, you’ll know that I have been obsessed with the green m&m drama, and this is the crossover event I’ve been waiting for. @Gabrielle_Korn thinks that the slutty green m&m would have loved Che, and I agree. They could have done a ton of weed together or something.

text: 'hey it's che diaz"

photo: meme of woman in bathtub fully clothed with phone looking shocked / like she's hiding

The panic when you hear Che Diaz calling perfectly sums up Twitter’s opinions of this character. The absolute fear they strike into the hearts of anyone trying to have a relatively normal day and also not have their entire house smell like weed. (Tweet via @isthisghosting)

text: WHO MADE THIS?? *dead emoji*

photo: Netflix home screen featuring "Che Diaz: a breath of fresh their" comedy concert special, along with Miranda's "continue watching" that contains Jules and Mimi, Rambo, He's just not that into you, and How to lose that baby fat by sitting on your ass

This is a work of art. I don’t even have words to describe how much this made me laugh when I first saw it. The pun is great. The “comedy concert” is great. The continue watching- great. Overall a 12/10 meme could not ask for more. @JarettSays did not make this but he did post it so I’m forever indebted to him.

Miranda WHO?!?

Coming out, especially later in life, is a lot like returning to your adolescence. I know this, a lot of viewers know this, and yet there’s still something absolutely wild about everything that’s happening in Miranda’s storyline. Do I understand her being in love with Che despite not seeming to know them on any real level? Yes 100% she’s a baby gay in her first “relationship”. Do I understand much else of her storyline? Nope.

Miranda recognizes she has a drinking problem and then quits in a single episode?? Girl boss. Alcoholism queen. Gonna talk about this at my next comedy concert

I admit to being nervous about where Miranda’s alcoholism plotline was going for the first few episodes of the season, but I shouldn’t have been concerned at all because it went… nowhere. @laurapeek_ doesn’t miss the opportunity for the one two punch that also makes fun of Che’s comedy shows that are also kind of concerts and also kind of rallies. A great tweet. So many layers. 12/10.

text: i could make so much content from this bs

photo: clown meme with four panels. 1- it's a finger not an affair. 2- hey it's rambo. 3- i'm in love with you. 4- CARRIE I'M IN A ROM-COM

If this doesn’t encompass Miranda’s transition from denial to first gay love in one photo, then I don’t know what else does. I didn’t think it could get worse than “hey it’s rambo” but then it did… twice. The second she said it, I immediately felt like it had to fail. Something had to go wrong, which I’m not going to lie filled me with equally as much excitement as fear. (Tweet via @summer91409842)

also, miranda gave up her internship at HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH to follow Che to LA like a 21-year-old??? Even though she said 2020 made her think more about her life and wanting to be an advocate for women??

This tweet isn’t funny, but it’s unfortunately classic performative activism white woman behavior that needs a call out. Like… how can you want to be an advocate for women and then just run away to LA to sit in an audience because you’re in love??? I’d also like to say that I’m personally offended by the idea that a 21 year old would quit her internship to follow their partner, as a person who decided at 21 to do long distance for my job. Yes I’m somehow making this about me. (Tweet via @LegalSojourner)

The Only Sex is Gay Sex

A big focus of this reboot was righting the wrongs of SATC, and one of these things was including more LGBTQ+ characters, especially non cis gay men characters*. Unfortunately when the main characters are all white cis straight women, that’s a setup for a lot of great punchlines. I say unfortunately because I’m not convinced the writers realized that there were punchlines here, but Twitter certainly did!

*The other half was including more characters of color, but that was such a mess that as a white person I don’t necessarily feel comfy laughing about it so that’s why there’s a dearth of tweets about lisa/seema/nya here despite them being some of the best characters.

text: it's happened before and it'll happen again

photo 1: jenny and marina from the L word season 1, where marina is fingering Jenny in the bathroom.

photo 2: charlotte saying 'a finger made you feel alive?'

I know that this is another tweet by Gabrielle, but it’s another iconic crossover that I simply cannot resist. Comparing Miranda Hobbes to Season 1 The L Word Jenny Schechter and Che Diaz to Marina (does she have a last name?) is too accurate in the fact that 1- Jenny/Miranda are behaving in bizarre ways due to realizing that they’re not in love with the men they are living with, and 2- Che/Marina are hated by audiences because they’re both simply over the top and annoying. Great work. Great tweet. The finger has made them both feel alive.

text: carrie while miranda was getting finger banged in the next room

photo: meme of the old woman who fell off the bed and the world is spinning

Why did Miranda’s first time having gay sex (and also the shows literal 2nd sex scene of the season) have to be while Carrie was peeing in a bottle? Why did Carrie have to listen? The whole thing was chaotic and made me too distracted and feeling bad for Carrie to focus on the sex! Which maybe was the point. Does gay sex have to be funny to be palatable for a SATC audience? (Tweet via @tweetsbybob_)

text: you know who wouldn't have judged Miranda getting her Che on? This icon.

photo: samantha jones waving gif

It wouldn’t be a true post about AJLT if at least one person didn’t talk about how much we all miss Samantha. She was the original bisexual of the group, didn’t have any issue with having sex with people of multiple genders, and was the most supportive of all of her friends always. We miss her, and a lot of these conversations would be more palatable if she was back from the dead to save us. (Tweet via @LKJMCA)

"if seema don fuck club guy i swear to gad!"

A lot of these tweets are about how funny the conversations surrounding Miranda + Che’s sex life are, but let’s talk about the LACK of sex life for all the other characters!!! Seema wants to fuck the club guy, the club guy wants to fuck Seema- let’s see it happen people! I don’t understand how this show became so chaste in the reboot. And in the finale it’s clear they were fucking, just mostly off-scene? It’s a weird mix up from SATC but I’m glad we got that Seema scene at all. (Tweet via @StLuciaYoga)

Make It Fashion

I honestly thought AJLT would have better outfits that became Twitter posts, but for the most part it seemed pretty tame? The women just wore a lot of heels in inappropriate scenarios, but we did get this one that makes this whole separate section worth it.

Lisa Wexley is the IT mom. And she is proving that now more than ever with these 7 different brushes all conveniently played off as accessories to this matching tan on tan jacket outfit thing she has going. I am no fashion connoisseur, but she made it look so natural that I didn’t even notice how unhinged it was until I saw this tweet. (Tweet via @TheMessyMrs)

text:  it's so cool how this rebook reunited the four leading ladies we all love

photo: mirand, carrie, and charlotte walking down the street, next to a giant photoshopped iphone that says "hi carrie. it's samantha" on it.

Last but not least, a reminder to what we have lost, and will never have again. (Tweet via @vulture)