Hello my friends, blog affeccianados, and random people who have stumbled here for the first time but will surely stay forever. Today I am announcing that I am joining Pondathon II, a full year 2022 readathon hosted by The Quiet Pond.

I will admit that on initial glance I was/am vaguely overwhelmed by the amount of content that the team over at The Quiet Pond has created for this readathon, but once I got through the initial “figure out what I’m doing” stage, the level of content was SO EXCITING that I had to sign up. I haven’t signed up for any full year readathons yet this year, and this one genuinely seems like so much fun that I think you should all join it if you haven’t already. This is my sign-up / intro post, and I’ll be updating you guys on my progress at the end of each month.

What Is The Pondathon?

Pondathon II is a story-driven and gardening-themed readathon hosted and run by CW from The Quiet Pond. The aim of the Pondathon II readathon is to read books to earn plants and decorate your own little garden so that we can restore the forest together. More information about the readathon can be found here.

Information About Joining the Pondathon

  • You can sign-up to the Pondathon II readathon here. The readathon starts on January 10th 2022 and ends on December 11th 2022; sign-ups are open across the duration of the readathon.
  • You also get to create your own Pond animal character for the Pondathon, and create your own character card!
  • If you’d like, create a blog post, bookstagram post, booktube video, Twitter thread, or whatever medium you wish, with ‘#PondathonII’ in the title or your tweet. Share the character you have created and your character card!
  • Link back to this post so that new friends can find the readathon and join in as well.

My Pond Character

Jimmi is a red fox with round eyes, a heart nose, and a smile. He wears a yellow apron, carries a yellow watering can, and has teal booties

One of the cutest parts about this reading challenge is the idea of a pond character! Pond Characters are basically our little avatars that will come with us on our journey to reading.

Meet Jimmi!

Jimmi is a red fox who loves to garden, even if they’re not very good at it. They tend to make mistakes, so they wear the garden to keep themselves clean! Jimmi is ready to save the forest and help me read SO MANY BOOKS this readathon.