The shortest month of the year is officially over, and that means it’s time for a wrap up. This might just be the very last wrap up post of this format that I ever write, because WTTN is officially transitioning into a collaborative media outlet where there’s more writers than just me! I’m very excited about this, but the downside is that these wrap up posts where I talk about myself just… don’t make a ton of sense. Regardless, I will figure something out, and enjoy writing this post while I have it!

Books I Read

I was on a roll with a very specific genre this month– pre-2016 feminism. If you guys are looking at reading these books, I will note that both “We Should All Be Feminists” and “How to Be a Woman” were VERY binary and cis-centric, so if you do not fall in that range you’ll probably dislike these books even more than I did. Even though I had a lot of low rating this month I did enjoy reading the books I chose (minus “The Barrens”) because it was a super interesting look into what people were talking about while I was growing up! Also I am still reading over a book a week which means I’m on track to read more books in a year than I ever have before, so very exciting things going on.

I normally schedule reviews way in advance, which means you’ll see reviews for all of those books in the months to come. If you’re looking to read some reviews right at this very second, this month I reviewed:

TV I Watched

This month was a bit of a whirlwind from a TV perspective, because I both started and finished all three seasons of Batwoman. Besides that, I had time for 2 other full shows and some movies, so I am not really sure what I was doing with my life but going outside and touching grass wasn’t it! In my defense it was snowy and cold, so hopefully for my sake this number goes down in the months to come.




Posts That You Loved

Here are some of your favorite posts that I published in February. If you haven’t read these yet, you’re missing out because everyone else already did.

  1. Ways You Can Fight the Don’t Say Gay Bill– This bill passed earlier this month, but there’s still ways that you can fight back. Donate to LGBTQ+ organizations, support the youth you know in Florida, and look at these 15 bills currently in progress in other states, and call your senators to fight back against them! (also I just want to say that I’m very proud of how many of you clicked the petition / donation links after reading this article, you guys are the best!)
  2. And Just Like That Tweets That Make Your Suffering Worth It– This month marked the end of my AJLT recaps, but I still got one last post in there. Twitter comedians are the best type of comedians and I highlighted the best of the best here.
  3. January Wrap Up– Just like this post, except for January. Read it after this one and then you’ll probably remember more about my year than I do!
  4. Here’s Why You Won’t Be Invited To My Shoeless Home– This was my response to the predictably annoying Twitter discourse based on the Wall Street Journal article by a similar name. The original author decided to post a piece that made her look like an asshole, so I talked about it!
  5. 5 Modern Piano Composers You Should Listen To– This post was written by Nikolas Perčić and I learned so much about piano and music from reading it. I’m one of the people that thinks instantly of the 1800s when I hear the word “composer” so it’s cool that there’s all these talented people composing music today. An additional benefit of this post is that it inspired me to create a “Guest” WordPress account so now you can publish anonymously here if you wish!

My Bookshelf

All four of these books I got as reviewer copies and I’m so excited to getting around to reviewing the 3 I haven’t read yet. I actually worked with Germaux before for a book tour, but this will be the first of his books that I will actually read. “You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty” hasn’t come out yet (so I’m not behind on my review) but the others have so you should check them out!

Elsewhere on the Internet

February was a huge month for me in terms of my online writing career. I started submitting work to different literary magazines during this cycle, and my flash fiction AND poetry are being published in Snowflake Magazine!! You can preorder the magazine here to read my writing!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I also got another “job”. I put that in quotes because it’s a volunteer position, but it is still a very big opportunity for me. I am a new poetry/prose editor for Levatio Literary Magazine! You should check out Issue 1 or stay tuned to submit for Issue 2 so that I can read your work!

Off the Internet

In real life, this month was weirdly busy even though I feel like it should not have been. I am going through training to be a volunteer (for an organization which will remain unnamed here because of legal reasons) and that took up 2 nights a week of my time. I’m super excited to get through training and actually be able to help people, but spending this much of my time when I’m not even doing anything “real” yet has been frustrating!

On the more exciting side of things, my girlfriend came to visit for a few days, I went to my sister’s senior night basketball game, and I hung out with friends THREE WHOLE TIMES. Potentially a monthly record for me honestly, if you couldn’t tell from my “tv I watched” list, I’m a bit of a recluse.

I am going to end by saying that we are still looking for more people to join WTTN as staff writers, with additional opportunities to work as an editor, so if that’s something you’re interested in then please reach out! If you have one post idea but don’t have time to commit to being a staff writer, we are also excited to accept freelance work. This blog relies on you as readers AND writers to survive!