Sometimes, it feels like 2022 has only just begun and other times, it feels as though a strange amount of time has passed because of all the books I’ve read so far. In addition to my never-ending TBR list (thanks Booktok!) I have been eagerly digging into Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) on NetGalley’s Read Now catalog

Here are three books I loved that will be published in the next few months. Keep an eye out for these exciting reads! 

Disclaimer: I received these books from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Lost Coast Literary

by Ellie Alexander
Publication date: 29 March 2022
Genre(s): General Fiction (Adult), Literary Fiction
Rating: 5 Stars

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Having recently moved to New York to pursue her passion, Emily Bryant is ecstatic to be surrounded by books at her new publishing job. She doesn’t expect a wrench in this seemingly perfect life: her estranged grandmother recently passed away and left Emily The Ballad, their family mansion in Northern California. Between her foggy memories, her father’s secrets, and the will’s mysterious stipulations, Emily must make sense of an unfamiliar world she thought she had left behind for good. 

Lost Coast Literary is whimsical, sincere, and unputdownable. It was the first time in a while that I yearned to visit the setting of a book and befriend its characters. No wonder so many people say reading transports you—I found myself wishing I could walk through the quirky town of Cascata, smell the eucalyptus, and hear the sound of the waves. At its core, Lost Coast Literary is an ode to books and a love letter to the magic that exists within the mundane. Moreover, it is clear that the author understands the trust required to share writing with someone, as well as the responsibility of an editor to approach writers’ vulnerability with honesty and kindness. As an aspiring book editor, I adored this book! Much like Emily, I have always loved immersing myself in stories, and I can’t wait to keep doing so. 

Agents of SLAM

by Dave Scheidt
Publication date: 19 April 2022
Genre(s): Children’s Fiction, Comics, Graphic Novels
Rating: 4 Stars

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Over the years, I’ve been realizing that there is something crucial adults can learn from kids: how to be playful. Moreover, we must understand that this sense of playfulness can coexist with emotional depth. Whenever I hear someone say that animated media are “just for kids”, I wonder when folks will stop underestimating the creativity and intelligence of children. These thoughts have led me to watch more animated shows, movies, and most recently, to read more graphic novels. 

So I’m glad I stumbled upon Agents of SLAM! Katie Jones is a famous twelve-year-old vlogger with a passion for wrestling. While getting to interview her idols, she learns that there is more going on behind the scenes than she thought. It is now up to her and the pro-wrestlers to save the galaxy from their rivals, the World Domination Society (W.D.S.) This is a fast-paced story with fun dialogue, twists, and an enthusiastic, knowledgeable protagonist. The vibrant illustrations and colors make the novel even more enjoyable! 

The Ghosts of Rose Hill

by R.M. Romero
Publication date: 3 May 2022
Genre(s): Poetry, YA
Rating: 5 Stars

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CW: Discussions of antisemitism, persecution, intergenerational trauma, and child abuse

Ilana loves music, mermaids, and magic—three things that do not fit into her parents’ practical world. After getting bad grades, Ilana is sent to Prague, her father’s country of origin. When she sees her Aunt Žofie after many years, she is surprised to meet an artist, a dreamer, someone not that different from herself. What will Ilana learn while she is thousands of miles away from everything she knows? 

This is the first time I read an entire story in verse and I am now excited for more! Romero’s vivid writing felt like movie scenes, especially Ilana’s voice, which evoked a secondhand sense of turmoil and growth. In particular, I found myself empathizing with the struggle of being caught between who you’ve been told to be and who you might want to be if given the chance to decide for yourself. I was particularly grateful to learn about these experiences through the lens of a Jewish-Latina teenager. Romero weaves magical realism and folklore into this beautiful story about coming of age while reflecting on religion, culture, and family history.

Thanks for reading! What are some upcoming books you’re looking forward to?