Hello! This is the first month of writing this recap where other people have also posted their writing here on the blog, and so I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to do with these recaps. It feels weird to recap the month solely from my perspective, but I also want to tell you all about what I did this month because there are few things I love more in life than talking about myself. Half joking.

As a sort of compromise, I have decided to write mostly about myself except for in the sections with links and things. When I talk about the books/tv shows I consumed, that’s all me, but when I’m talking about Write Through the Night, that’s everyone. If you have a better idea take it up in the comments section.

Books I Read

This month started out as the month of me finishing books that have been on my “currently reading” shelf forever. I finally just buckled down and finished them! It was also the month of a lot of really really good books! I most definitely brought my Goodreads average rating up this month, which is saying something because it wasn’t particularly low to begin with.

  • Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers by Lillian Faderman (4 stars)
  • The Bigger the Better the Tighter the Sweater, edited by Samantha Schoech & Lisa Taggart (4 stars)
  • High School by Tegan and Sara Quin (5 stars)
  • Late to the Party by Kelly Quindlen (5 stars)
  • You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi (5 stars)
  • Thin Girls by Diana Clarke (5 stars)
  • She Gets the Girl by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick (5 stars)
  • You Exist Too Much by Zaina Arafat (4 stars)

TV and Movies I Watched

I started a very in depth spreadsheet about my TV and movie watching habits this month because I haven’t been doing a good enough job keeping track, and because I am a spreadsheet fanatic. Nothing brings me more joy than a nicely labeled spreadsheet with filtered columns and more categories than one person ever needs.


  • Batwoman– The last episode of Batwoman season 3 came out this month, and I obviously watched it and loved it and am now praying that it gets renewed because I cannot live life without this show in it.
  • Maniac– This was hands down one of the WORST shows I’ve ever seen. I fast forwarded to get to the end because it was so bad. Especially disappointing considering I love Emma Stone!
  • Killing Eve– Killing Eve is backkkkk baby!! Is this show good anymore? Honestly I cannot tell you, but I’ve gotten this far and I’m going to finish it if only because I want to know if Villanelle and Eve end up together.
  • Tales of the City (1993)– I stumbled upon the 2019 version on Netflix and realized that it’s a continuation of many a limited series before it, so I’m starting from the beginning like any good TV watcher should do
  • More Tales of the City (1998)– Since the series are only about 6 episodes long, I started the next rendition!


  • The Tinder Swindler (3 stars)– Honestly this was hilarious and very sad for these women
  • Tall Girl 2 (1.5 stars)– The first one was bad, this one was worse, as a tall girl I am offended
  • Untold: Caitlyn Jenner– Jenner’s story is honestly really empowering but they left out the fact that she actively harms to LGBTQ+ community with her current rhetoric and “activism” so I didn’t even rate this because wtf
  • The Queen of Basketball (4.5 stars)– I didn’t even hear about this short film until it won an Oscar, and then I went to watch it right away. It was super well put together and I loved hearing about a part of history that I genuinely didn’t know about!

Reviews You Can Use

Did I steal this title headline from somewhere? I think so, but I do not know where, and I also assume that I changed it slightly so it’s staying. On this blog, we normally post reviews long after we finish reading the books, and so this section is where you’ll find links to all of the book, tv show, and movie reviews that we published this month.


Movies and Short Films

  • Heart Shot– This 15 minute short film is gay, on Netflix, and ready for you to watch
  • Intrusion– I watched this movie no joke in December but just forgot to publish the review until now
  • Tall Girl 2– This movie was BAD and I knew that going in but I was still surprised by how bad it was?

TV Shows

  • Feel Good– This semi-autobiographical show about comedian Mae Martin had its second and final season, and I loved it

Posts We Wrote That You Loved

Notice the change from “I” to “we” in this section. That’s because some of the most popular posts this month weren’t written by me!! I’m honestly so excited about this, and if you haven’t read all of these posts yet this month you should get on it.

  1. The Racist Phenomenon of Russia-Ukraine by Chinwe- for her first post, Chinwe took on a big topic and did it in an incredible way. I loved this post and I love that it brought awareness to an issue that big media outlets are not only ignoring, but actively perpetuating. If you haven’t read this piece yet it’s an absolute most read this month.
  2. Introducing New Staff Writer Chinwe! AND Welcome New Writers Aakanksha and Priyanuj by Jocelyn- These both fell in the top 5 and I’m so glad that they did because it means you’re just as excited as I am to start seeing new voices around here
  3. To All the ARCS I Loved Before (Their Books Got Published) by Aakanksha- Another first post on this blog is this one by Aakanksha, where she hypes up a few ARCS that she read recently and you should preorder asap. She’s planning on making this a series so it’s great to see that you all enjoyed it!
  4. Blogging Advice: Is it Worth it to Revive your Old Blog? by Jocelyn- In which I discuss the pros and cons of using a blog full of cringe inducing old posts rather than making a new one
  5. Words Wednesday is Being Brave by Jocelyn- I wrote about a cute quote from Late To The Party that felt so extremely quintessential teenager

My Bookshelf

I got six new books this month, fiveof which are from Netgalley. This plummeted my rating down so far that I will probably not get another book for the next four months, but the selection I received I’m very excited about!

Elsewhere on the Internet

This is the section where I get to hype up everything that our writers are doing outside of Write Through the Night! This month I received my first ever literary magazine publication in the mail, which was WILD and I joined some new volunteer activities!

Off the Internet

This month you probably saw more book reviews than normal here, and that’s because I scheduled everything way in advance for the latter half of the month because… I went to Canada! Three of my friends and I drove up to Canada for 5 days and spent time in Montreal and Quebec City, and it was so much fun. It was my first time leaving the country and honestly had a great time.

Besides that, I visited my girlfriend for another 5 days, so I wasn’t home very much this month at all. During the short time I was in Boston, I went to trivia night and saw Fletcher in concert. Both very fun times!

Mental health wise, the beginning of this month was pretty hard. I just didn’t feel the motivation to do anything, which is difficult when I essentially have two full time jobs with of things to do, between my real job where I make money and the time I spend on this blog/Levatio/Lavender Lit/volunteering for the Trevor Project/trying to get published elsewhere. It’s definitely busy, but it’s better for me to have too much to do than not enough.

Anyways, enough about me. How was your March? Did you do anything fun? What did you read? What did you watch? Tell me all about it in the comments.