Hi everyone! Over the last two months, Write Through the Night has grown from just me to a team of 4 people. I’m excited to announce that we are officially making that 5! All of these people work hard to create the best possible experience for you guys and cover a wide array of areas of interest. A reminder that we are always looking for writers to talk about books, TV shows, movies, and culture moments. If you think that could be you, submit your writing to us today.

Vania is joining the team primarily to talk about books! In fact, her very first post (coming this Friday) will be the start of a 6 part series about Six of Crows! She puts so much thought into everything she writes that I know you are going to love it. I can’t wait for you all to meet her and start reading her writing.

Meet Vania

Vania (she/her) is a writer and reader with a soft spot for dogs. After several difficult moments in her life, reading became her passion and now fills her heart with books that make her feel seen and represented. Outside of reading, she is a dog rescuer and now lives with 16 beautiful puppies that she loves more than herself. In her spare time, she also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, drawing and being part of student groups fighting for social causes. She is currently writing her own book, and in between, she writes essays analyzing her favorite books and movies, as well as making content on bookstagram and booktok. She wholeheartedly hopes to connect with readers and make friends along the way. 

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