Earlier this year, I wrote a post about all of the out gay players in the wnba, and you guys really loved it, so I decided to write the exact same post for the NWSL players. I admittedly follow the nwsl slightly less well, which made this post much harder to research and write, especially given the fact that there are about four times as many professional women’s soccer players as there are professional women’s basketball players in the United States. Still, this post was fun to write and hopefully will help you all to become more avid women’s soccer followers!

As always, if I missed someone or if you feel like someone is incorrectly on this list, let me know in the comments or send me an email at writethroughthenight @ gmail . com. A note that I’m using the NWSL rosters, and they don’t update in a way that makes sense to me. Blame them if it’s slow to update!

I specified the pronouns of people who are known to not go by she/her

Last Updated: 8/2/2022

Angel City

christen press (right) and tobin heath (left) at the 2022 ESPYS

Angel City is a fairly new team and I’m excited to see how they come together as the season continues. They are home to Christen Press, who was long rumored to be in a relationship with Tobin Heath that was ~i think~ confirmed at the ESPYs (photo above), less than a month after Heath publicly came out with an art piece for their joint brand Re-Inc

  • Sarah Gorden
  • DiDi Haracic
  • Paige Neilsen
  • Maia Perez
  • Miri Taylor
  • Christen Press

North Carolina Courage

Carson Pickett, Dani Weatherholt, and Kristen Edmonds

I would like to point out how cool it is that many of the soccer players just go by one name, in this case, Debinha. In less cool news, the Courage have decided to allow an openly homophobic player, who refuses to even wear a pride night jersey, to remain on the team. Bad vibes, especially if you’re one of the five openly gay players on this team.

  • Abby Erceg
  • Merritt Mathias
  • Carson Pickett
  • Meredith Speck
  • Debinha

Houston Dash

Rachel Daly

Rachel Daly is known to be in power-couple soccer relationships, but it is unclear to me whether she’s actually in one right now. Her most famous relationship, which ended in 2021, was with Gotham FC star Kristie Mewis.

  • Rachel Daly
  • Lindsey Harris

Gotham FC

Ali Krieger (right) with her wife Ashlyn Harris (left)

I LOVE a good teammates dating story, and we get lots of them in the NWSL, although none are as well known as Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris. The couple, nicknamed Krashlyn, has become a go-to power couple in women’s sports. The team is also home to Kristie Mewis, who is currently dating Australian superstar Sam Kerr.

  • Ashlyn Harris
  • Ali Krieger
  • Kristie Mewis
  • Delanie Sheehan
  • Kumi Yokoyama (he/them/they)

KC Current

Adrianna Franch (right) and her wife Emily Bosacci

Kansas City has been struggling so far in the season, but I have faith in them to turn it around. Adrianna Franch is incredible in goal and I love watching her.

  • Adrianna Franch
  • Kristen Hamilton
  • Chloe Logarzo
  • Mallory Weber

Racing Louisville

Rebecca Holloway

Best of luck to them this season! I don’t really know much about anyone on this team.

  • Alex Chidiac
  • Rebecca Holloway
  • Zaneta Wyne

OL Reign

Tziarra King (left) and Jess Fishlock (right)

OL Reign has a teammates/girlfriends couple of its own with Tziarra King and Jess Fishlock. They’re super cute and post on Instagram stories a decent amount so it’s worth the follow. The Reign are also home to Quinn, a member of the Canadian National Team and the first nonbinary athlete to win a medal in the Olympics.

  • Quinn (they/them)
  • Jess Fishlock
  • Tziarra King
  • Megan Rapinoe
  • Nikki Stanton
  • Tobin Heath

Orlando Pride

Marta (left) and Toni Pressley (right), during their engagement shoot

Bonus points go to Orlando for literally being called the Pride, and also for having one of the gayest teams in the league, even after power couple Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger transferred to Gotham FC in the offseason. On-Field romance lovers don’t despair, however, because teammates Carrie Lawrence and Marta are together. Amy Turner and Angharad James used to be dating teammates, but Turner got a contract divorce, and based on tweets by former Pride player Ashlyn Harris, the Pride was in some way at fault here. Drama lovers, there’s a win for you too; Marta was previously engaged to her other teammate, Toni Pressley.

  • Gunny Jonsdottir
  • Abi Kim
  • Erin McLeod
  • Toni Pressley
  • Angharad James
  • Chelsee Washington
  • Marta
  • Carrie Lawrence

Chicago Red Stars

Tierna Davidson (right) and girlfriend Alison Jahansouz

Although the Red Stars are the only team with just one out gay player, they are still representing in the dating-teammates category because Tierna Davidson is currently dating her former Stanford soccer teammate. The Red Stars are currently ranked second in the league.

  • Tierna Davidson

Washington Spirit

Kelley O’Hara kissing her girlfriend

Kelley O’Hara came out in grand fashion by kissing her girlfriend at the Olympics (as shown in the photo above). Although the Spirit won the 2021 season, they are looking fairly middle of the pack so far this year.

  • Anna Heilferty
  • Kelley O’Hara

Portland Thorns

I don’t know much about anyone on the Thorns, but they’ve been pretty good for a while and are ranked #2 this year as well.

  • Madison Pogarch
  • Taylor Porter
  • Abby Smith


Christen Westphal

The Wave are a new team this year and are currently ranked first in the league, so it’s looking good for them so far this season.

  • Kailen Sheridan
  • Christen Westphal

Free Agents

This is a new section created just for Amy Turner. Turner got a contract divorce with the Pride, but she’s still gay and still trying to be in the NWSL.

  • Amy Turner

Feel free to let me know in the comments who I’ve missed! I will be updating this post as the season continues.