I’m recapping Reboot, a new show on Hulu, and this is episode 5! I’ll be releasing episode 6 as soon as I get around to watching it, and the rest whenever the next episodes come out.

The show opens with a dress rehearsal from set. Reed has some notes for Gordon and Hannah, but when he goes over to talk to them, Gordon leaves to “get his pen” and runs away. Reed is unhappy, and asks Hannah to get her father to talk to him.

As Hannah is telling her father to be more supportive of the actors, and he’s telling her to be less supportive, Zack bursts in and wants to talk about the custody dispute he’s in with his ex-girlfriend over their dog. Hannah leaves her meeting with Zack and is ready to reconcile with her father. She invites her dad out to dinner that night so that he can give her some advice. Gordon is confused, but he rolls with it.

In the hair trailer, Bree is telling Clay and the hair man about a women’s retreat she’s going on over the weekend. If she has enough time to go to a retreat, surely Reed should fly home to see his girlfriend, but that never comes up! Clay is skeptical about the retreat, and so Bree has to prove him wrong. While at the retreat, she does shrooms, and she calls Clay to tell him all about it. He seems to enjoy her call, and then leaps up because he’s late for something.

On his way there, he gets a FaceTime from Bree, who’s spiraling. Clay tries to get her to drop her location, but she has no idea how to and he looks longingly at the liquor store before driving by. When he does manage to track Bree down, he can’t find her. When he finally does, it’s because she leaps out of a tree onto him because she thinks he’s a dragon.

All of this helping Bree has made Clay late for his appointment, and he ends up taking Bree with him. He instructs her to stay in the car and look at the pretty things, but shrooms Bree hears one noise and has to get out and check it out.

Inside, she finds out that Clay is at an AA meeting celebrating the fact that he’s 30 days sober. In her excitement, she joins the group and announces that she’s on mushrooms which is… not the ideal state to be in at an AA meeting.

Elsewhere that night, we find out that Hannah didn’t actually have a moment of truth. She set up Gordon and Reed to have a dinner together, and she even made the waiter give Gordon a pen so that he didn’t have to run out and get one. The meeting starts out extraordinarily awkwardly, and then they slip into a full on argument.

Gordon admits that he finds Reed infuriating because he’s so good at comedy and just doesn’t want to do it. Reed is shocked and pleased, and as the two slip into a drunk banter, Reed shares that he thinks Gordon is extremely funny and smart. It turns out these two didn’t get along because they think so highly of each other! What a great bonding moment!

As the two of them walk home, Gordon tries to pee on Chuck Lorrey’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame because he hates him. When he can’t summon enough pee, Reed decides to do it for him. Unfortunately, right at this moment a cop pulls up.

With that plan successfully underway, Hannah heads off to Zack’s exes’ house to help him confront his girlfriend about the dog. The second she walks in, she seems to regret it, and stutters about needing a pen before switching modes and accidentally negotiating a deal between the two. She even goes so far as to allow the dog, Butternut, to stay in her office before she sees her. The dog is a nightmare, to the point where they have to wear gloves to hold onto it.

The highlight of this scene is that as horrible as this is going for Hannah, it actually deeply humanizes Zack. He seems so much more mature here than he’s ever seemed in a single other episode!

The next day on set, all of the most important duos catch up. Clay and Bree are both proud of each other for the way they’re changing and growing and becoming more well rounded people. Why does Bree have sexual chemistry with everyone in this cast!

Hannah admits that she shouldn’t get involved in the actors lives, and Gordon says that his conversation with Reed was actually really good.

Oh… and a cop needs a role in the show!