I am a hardcore Golden Girls fan, and seeing as I have watched the series in it’s entirety 15 times, I feel like I am qualified to pscyhoanalyze you based on which character you love the most.

If you like Sophia the most: You are correct. You have incredibly strong opinions and sometimes people can get a little irritated when you go off on tangents, but at the end of the day they love how much you care, even if you are unconventional about showing it. You are a great storyteller, enjoy telling jokes or even doing stand up comedy, and you probably dream of owning a rocking chair and a wraparound porch. You enjoy a little mischief, but hate prank YouTube channels. You are great at giving advice to those you love in a way that still holds them accountable. You are definitely the “mom friend” of the group. 

If Dorothy is your favorite: You have a sarcastic edge and enjoy classic literature. You may occasionally behave like a know-it-all but you have a good heart and can admit when you are wrong. You are a fierce advocate for yourself and those you love. You are a giant softie who hides behind a stoic demeanor. You probably love a good crossword puzzle or playing Scrabble. You are most likely very competitive in games and can get a bit intense. You probably enjoy wearing a lot of neutral colors. You are a fan of monologuing, and often find yourself on a bit of a soapbox.

If you relate to Blanche the most: You either are a MILF or want to be with a MILF. You appreciate the sensual things in life and have an appreciation for fine art. You can be passive aggressive and push people away due to insecurity, but friendships are very intense for you. You tend to dress up, wear a lot of jewelry, and like the nightlife (or at least the idea of nightlife). You relish in soft and smooth textures like silk or satin and can spend all day at a furniture store just touching all the fabrics. You probably enjoy performing and theater and have a flair for the dramatic.

If your favorite is Rose: You gravitate towards things that give you a childlike sense of wonder and you absolutely adore animals. You can be seen as a little immature but you really just enjoy life and don’t limit yourself in the things you choose to do. You like a little adventure but not too much adventure. You are very competitive and intense in games, but in life you root for everyone. You are passionate about justice and you strive to be ethical in all the things you do. You probably enjoy reading middle grade books and hate when people say you are too old for them, and you loved Roald Dahl books as a kid. You have a hard time with rage, and tend to hold back anger until it bubbles over.