Learn Tarot Together is a new series by Jocelyn where they draw a single card and analyze the meaning. They got their first ever tarot deck for Christmas last year, and still have to read the book definitions with every reading. The goal of this series is to go in-depth into one specific card to understand it better.

I first got the idea to do this series when I was shuffling my tarot cards while brainstorming article ideas, and a single card fell out of the pile. I was somewhat preparing to do a reading when this happened, so I took the card to mean it was for me! Then I realized I didn’t even know what that card meant. That made me realize that I need to get more serious about tarot if I’m ever going to be able to read for other people without embarrassment, and now here we are.

Disclaimer that while I believe fully in the power of tarot, I am not an expert in any way! This is a beginner’s guide, and I’ll be using the book provided in the essential Tarot book and card set, as well as internet googling to provide my analysis.

Two of Pentacles

The Card

My deck’s Two of Pentacles is a little nonbinary boi holding their own pair of pentacle titties. I honestly do not know how else to interpret this image. Our boi is on the sand, and in the background there’s choppy water and a boat that may or may not be sinking.

When I google the card, this is more or less the same image that appears, except the pentacles are notably further apart and on a rope, and you can see that the boi is a dancing boy with a big red cone hat.

The Meaning

I would like to recant my former statement. My card is in fact depicting a youth juggling on a beach. The fact that they’re completely ignoring the seas behind them is a sign that you should not do the same thing. It’s hard to juggle two things at once, but you shouldn’t let balancing these two things cause you to lose sight of everything else around you.

You are capable of taking on everything that you want to and more, provided that you manage your resources well. As more pentacle coins get added to the juggler’s plate, it will become harder for them to keep them all in the air, the infinity loop a reminder of both limited space and infinitely much of it.

It’s apt that as I decided to take on an entirely new project, the card that inspired me to do so is reminding me of my own ability to multitask, provided that I manage my time well.

The main takeaway: You can handle it if you prioritize

The Reverse Meaning

For the fully uninitiated, cards mean different things depending on whether they’re facing towards you or if they’re upside down when you draw them.

In reverse, the Two of Pentacles is calling you out for the facade you’re putting on. While you make it seem like you’re good at multitasking, you’re actually not. You’re disorganized and need to take a step back and reprioritize.

Odds are you took on too much, but people will understand if you back away and make time to only juggle what’s actually important.

The main takeaway: Take a step back and reorganize your life