The zodiac signs are categorised in astrology in a number of different ways for astrology prediction. In Western astrology, the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water are split into groups of three signs each (four times three equals twelve signs). The Triplicities, as the elements are also known, stand for personality traits. The qualities of the elements directly relate to the qualities of the signs.

Fire Signs

Fire energy is energetic, lively, and restless. Along with air, fire is a “yang” element. These people are impetuous, passionate, and possibly temperamental, according to the AstroTwins, sisters and authors who write extensively about astrology

How they manage their finances. 

When it comes to money, fire signs “go with their gut” they note. “If they see it and they want it, they get it.” Although they frequently manage their finances well, they have a tendency to act impulsively when they go shopping. 

Health-related factors. 

The twins observe that because of their high level of energy, these people require physical activity, mobility, spontaneity, and variation. They continue, “They’re competitive, so they may enjoy sports, but they’re also impatient”. They will benefit from a dynamic fitness regimen. 

Earth Signs

The twins explain that earth energy is incredibly sensuous, palpable, and physical. Earth signs, along with the water signs with radiate yin energy. Nevertheless, Earth signs can still be labelled as rigid and slow.

They simply prefer having a strong foundation and are the most grounded and stable group of signs. 

How they manage their finances. 

The people who exhibit Earth signs tend to enjoy fine things a materialistic streak. While they will indulge in luxuries, they are also adept at budgeting, planning, and saving. “They carefully consider the long term and the expected return on investment”.

Health-related factors. 

Regularity is crucial for earth signs. The twins observe that “they perform well with structured sleep regimens and appreciate a comfortable bed and mattress.” Finding one or two exercises they really enjoy and sticking with fitness and adventurous activities is a motivating factor for them. They enjoy sports where results can be monitored, like weightlifting, yoga, or running.

Air Signs

Air indications are mental, cerebral, and communicative, in contrast to fire, which is energetic and physical. This yang manifests in a new way. The twin’s tack on, “Think about air disseminating ideas.” Since air signs are a little out there, they could come across as “airheads,” but they always make it interesting. 

How they manage their finances. 

The twins observe that air signs “are skilled with technology, thus they use apps to handle their funds well.” Like fire signs, they are prone to impulsive spending, but “they spend on social things, like going out, meeting up with friends, and things like that.” 

Health-related factors. 

Relationships are crucial to the well-being of air signs since they thrive on connection and social interaction. They benefit from any exercise that has a social component, such as fitness classes or finding a workout partner. They can stay motivated by participating in guided exercises or social activities with friends. 

Water Signs

The twins claim that water is particularly sentimental and attached. These signs have a reputation for being very perceptive and enigmatic. They are renowned for being the psychics of the signs and are extremely profound and sensitive. They also place a high value on the family and house. 

How they manage their finances. 

The twins claim that because water signs are emotional and worried as well as security-conscious, they may spend to help them feel comfort. They are advised to work properly and learn some money management skills to ensure that they don’t get carried away due to emotional factors which could Iead them to waste all of their money. 

Health-related factors. 

The crucial factor for anyone born under a water sign is the tri-link between the mind, body and spirit as it relates to health. They require a sense of security, so having a comforting home base is crucial. The twins assert that “moving is vital for the water and emotions to flow” and add that “they do well with yoga or anything by the river.”

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