Learn Tarot Together is a series by Jocelyn where they draw a single card and analyze the meaning. They got their first ever tarot deck for Christmas last year, and still have to browse the book definitions with every reading. The goal of this series is to go in-depth into one specific card to understand it better.

Day 2 of my tarot series! This week, rather than drawing a card at random I simply continued the trend which I established at my first reading and moved up one by number. This seems like the more practical way to publish a teaching series on the internet, but if you prefer I truly draw a card, let me know!

Disclaimer that while I believe fully in the power of tarot, I am not an expert in any way! This is a beginner’s guide, and I’ll be using the book provided in the essential Tarot book and card set, as well as internet googling to provide my analysis.

Three of Pentacles

The Card

My three of pentacles features a man holding a mallet and chisel doing construction on one of the three golden pentacles on the wall. He has on an apron and a headband, and appears to be working quite hard. Interestingly, a quick google of the card shows that while the worker and the wall are omnipresent, the most common artwork for this card actually features a woman (?) in a yellow snuggie holding a strange swaddled baby who has the face of an adult man and a man in a white robe hold the architectural plans. I clearly thought this was a woman and her child at first! It is not! There are two grown people standing there and I’m so sorry for how appalled I was upon first glance.

Based on the images, I’m going to assume this card has to do with working to provide for your younger self, or something to that effect.

The Meaning

As I may or may not have said last week, the pentacles cards have to do with our physical selves. They are connected to the earth’s energy, which includes work, finance, and the like.

The sculptor on this card is a master craftsman. If you draw this card, you are a well respected person within your trade, and people look up to you. You clearly know what you’re doing! Even though the sculptor couldn’t build this without the architectural plans (something that was missing from my personal tarot card), the architects also could not build it without him. If you draw this card, you are a critical piece on your team and are valued for what you bring to the table. Equally so, you should make sure that you’re valuing other people’s opinions, since you are all integral aspects of the final design.

Although you aren’t near the finish line yet, you have all the pieces in place to carry out your grand design, and so you shouldn’t be afraid to keep working. If you’re experiencing imposter syndrome, this card is a clear sign that you are adept and worthy of your position.

The Reverse Meaning

If you get this card in reverse, rather than being the master sculptor of your craft, odds are you’re being sloppy and careless. This is a sign that you can do far better than you are right now. If that’s not the case, it’s important to look at the broader team as well. Is there discontent among team members? Are you properly respecting each other?

The way you and your team are currently conducting business is not conducive to equal respect, and it’s slowing everyone down. Do some thinking about whether it’s you that isn’t getting respect, or whether there is a communication issue that you can iron out with your teammates.

Reverse meanings are typically the “negative” of the original card, but in this case it just means that you need to do some work both inside of yourself and in your team as a whole to iron out the difficulties before continuing onward.