Throughout the pandemic, I have been on a mission to finish a bunch of TV series that were recommended to me. The Good Place is my favorite by far! If you are like me and love pondering ethics and morality, especially through the lens of the world we currently live in, this show is right up your alley. I enjoyed writing my “What Your Favorite Golden Girls Character Says About You” article so much that I thought I would try a similar format for this post. 

Here’s what I think your favorite The Good Place character says about you:


You are unapologetically messy. You are probably a child of divorce. You love shrimp cocktail and you adore a good margarita. You are fiercely protective of yourself and your peace, but you may push good people away in the process. You love to go to concerts and/or listen to good music very loudly in your bedroom. You have an excellent sense of humor and you and your friends consider roasting each other a love language. You should definitely be asked for advice more often because you see through a lot of fake shit. You are very loyal. You are queer. 


You thrive on routine. You have a hard time being flexible, so even the thought of change makes you sweat (or makes your stomach hurt). You hate making decisions, but once you make up your mind, you are committed to what you choose. You are secretly a romantic and find yourself daydreaming about domestic life with someone you love. You love a good sweater because you like things that have soft textures, especially if they are going on your body. You love anything cable-knit. You have a love–hate relationship with puzzles. You probably own a cat or want to own a cat. You love to read but make it into an obsessive habit, so you might need to put down the books every once in a while (or read a good trashy romance book for a break from academic or nonfiction works). You are either pansexual or constantly questioning your sexuality. 


You are the life of the party. You love music and probably listen to very upbeat songs. You are a hopeless romantic even if you don’t know how to express it. You come off as flaky and avoidant, but you have an incredibly wise and witty side that people only see if they look past your exterior. You probably love to dance and spend time with friends. You either love going to a club or you love the idea of going to a club. You can get a little nervous around women, but you love them a lot. You are either a straight ally or a gay man. 


You can be a tad pretentious but it often comes from a place of insecurity. You love art and music, and think going to a museum for a first date is perfect. You love getting dressed up for pretty much any occasion (sometimes even if you are staying home on the couch all day.) You own at least one pair of satin pajamas or desperately want to. You probably like to cook or at least like to try new foods. You are an animal person but don’t want to own an animal because it is too much responsibility and/or too time-consuming for you. You can be a little unaware of your faults, but when you allow yourself to be vulnerable with people you trust. Your plants are thriving. You are bisexual. 


You mean well but often end up scaring people away. You can lose sight of your values but you have an excellent group of friends that keeps you on task. You love to talk and often find yourself going on tangents. People often get the wrong impression about you at first. You love a good three piece suit and own at least one bowtie. You want to be a hot grandad, and you will be someday. You are autistic or you have ADHD (or both!). Much like Jason, you are either gay or a straight ally. 


You are kind and are the type of friend people go to when they need kick-ass advice. You are everyone’s hype girl (not a girl). You love plants but can’t keep them alive. You are a protector and hate seeing your friends in pain. You probably get emotional if you haven’t been around people you love for a while. You give great hugs. You are an incredible dancer and love disco music. You cry watching cat and dog videos online at least once a week. You are a chaotic good alignment. You are non-binary and at least a little gay. 

Have you watched The Good Place? Were my assumptions true to you? Let me know in the comments!