The end of the year is always my favorite because it gives me the opportunity to talk about my entire year ad nauseam. As a spreadsheet obsessed person, I am quite literally built for wrap-ups such as this. Over the rest of this month, everyone here at Write Through the Night is going to be walking you through their year and the media that inspired them. Today, I’m sharing all of the TV Shows and Movies I watched, complete with a statistical breakdown.


Total Movies Watched: 59

Average Rating: 3.78

Favorite Movie: The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Honorable Mentions: Emily the Criminal, Luckiest Girl Alive, The Janes

Least Favorite Movie: Tall Girl 2

Where I Watched

It turns out that I watched the vast majority of my movies this year on Netflix. It’s easy, it’s my only platform with no commercials, and there’s always lots of silly little movies to keep me occupied. I absolutely hate the number of commercials on Hulu, so generally I try to avoid the platform unless there’s something I deeply want to watch.

Length of Movie

I watched a few short films this year, and although the majority were full length, the short ones deserve attention too! I find that short films are so artfully crafted, and since they only have about 10 minutes to work with they tend to be more well done, without a minute wasted. This was my first. year truly watching short films, inspired by the Women in Film festival which I attended virtually in January. I’m hoping to go to more film festivals in 2023 to get the opportunity to see more up and coming directors.

Release Years

Most of the movies I watched this year… came out this year. That’s no surprise, especially since I intentionally watch the most popular moves so that I can review them on this very blog. The oldest movie I watched was Heavenly Creatures, which was most definitely worth it.

5 Star Movies

  • Luckiest Girl Alive (2022)
  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018)
  • Pitch Perfect (2012)
  • The Janes (2022)
  • But I’m a Cheerleader (2000)
  • Heart Shot (2022)
  • Hangry (2021)
  • Emily the Criminal (2022)

I only gave 7 movies five stars this year, meaning that I am a much harsher judge of movies than I ever have been of books. However, everything I give a 4 or above is something that I would recommend. If you want to see all of the movies that I watched this year, follow me on Letterboxd.

TV Shows

Total Seasons Completed: 91

In-Progress Seasons: 8

Favorite Show: The Sex Lives of College Girls

Honorable Mentions: The Flight Attendant, White Lotus, VEEP

Least Favorite Show: First Kill (I honestly didn’t watch any terrible shows this year)

Where I Watched

Once again, Netflix takes it for most seasons watched, closely followed by both HboMax and Hulu. I opted to sort everything I watched on Youtube, Xfinity, or the BBC into an “other” category since without doing so made each of the columns so small it was hard to read the chart.

Seasons of Each Show Watched

Everything so far is based off of seasons, but what happens when we look at it from a show perspective? It turns out, the majority of the shows I watched were only one season, whether that be because I was fully caught up and only one season aired this year, or because it was a limited series that’s only ever going to have one season. The longest show, with nine whole seasons, was Seinfeld.

Most of the “one season” shows only have one season out so far, but there were a few (such as Killing Eve) where I watch live and only had the opportunity to watch, for example, a traumatic 4th season.

Release Years

While the majority of the shows I watched were released in 2022, there were quite a few 90s shows, including Seinfeld and the original Tales of the City which made the cut. I’ve been enjoying watching slightly older shows that are often referenced in pop culture, because it gives me a better understanding of the evolution of film and TV into today.

What did you watch this year? What do you think of my wrap up?