It’s been a big year for all of us at Write Through the Night! Our team grew from just one person (me) to a bustling group of six writers, along with a couple of guest writers over the course of the year. We published so much incredible work, and today I’m going to share all of the most popular posts with you all!

It’s always fascinating to me what posts do well and which don’t, because some of my favorite posts don’t seem to be viewed at all, whereas others that I wrote at the last minute rose to be some of the best viewed posts of all time. Apparently, these are the 30 posts that you all gave the most love.

Top 30 Posts

30. Bridgerton Season 2: Cultural Identity, Representation, and Beyond, by Aakanksha

29. Six of Crows, A Wonderful Universe: Inej Ghafa and The Power of Faith, by Vania

28. Get Involved: Ways You Can Fight the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, by Jocelyn

27. The Racist Phenomenon of Russia-Ukraine, by Chinwe

26. How Cara Delevingne Became the Jennifer Lawrence of Gen-Z, by Jocelyn

25. The L Word: Generation Q Episode 302 Recap: Los Angeles Traffic, by Jocelyn

24. Introducing New Staff Writer, Chinwe! by Jocelyn

23. Six of Crows, A Wonderful Universe: The Infantilization of Wylan Van Eck, by Vania

22. Six of Crows, A Wonderful Universe: Jesper Fahey and Addiction as Avoidance, by Vania

21. The Crush Drama Was Equally Good On and Off Screen, by Jocelyn

20. 6 Small But Unrealistic Hopes For The L Word: Generation Q Season 3, by Jocelyn

19. Oscars 2022: Everything That Wasn’t the Slap, by Chinwe

18. Daisy Jones and the Six is a Masterclass in Character Development, by Jocelyn

17. Ranking The Queer (and queer adjacent) July 29th Album Releases, by Jocelyn

16. 5 Modern Piano Composers You Should Listen To, by Nikolas Perčić

15. An Ode to the Unhinged Woman, by Jocelyn

14. Review: Young Mungo Was Not For Me, by Jocelyn

13. The L Word: Generation Q Episode 304 Recap: Last to Know, by Jocelyn

12. The Killing Eve Finale Was Violent in the Worst Way, by Jocelyn

11. White Lotus Season 2 is the Story of Shane and Rachel Staying Together, by Jocelyn

10. Six of Crows, a Wonderful Universe: Kaz Brekker’s Trauma Through Human Connection, by Vania

9. The Interconnected Web of the Taylor Jenkins Reid Universe, by Jocelyn

8. The L Word: Generation Q Episode 301 Recap: Last Year, by Jocelyn

7. The Problem With Miraculous Ladybug, by Vania

6. Review: Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? Is a Mental Health Must Read, by Jocelyn

5. Rating All of the Movies I Watched on Autostraddle’s Top 200 Lesbian Movies List, by Jocelyn

4. A Complete List of All 48 Out Gay Players in the NWSL, by Jocelyn

3. The L Word: Generation Q Episode 306 Recap: Questions for the Universe, by Jocelyn

2. A Complete List of All 61 Out Gay Players in the Women’s Football Premier League, by Jocelyn

1. A Complete List of All 43 Out Gay Players in the WNBA, by Jocelyn

Post Breakdown by Author


I wrote so many posts this year, and luckily you all liked some of them. This is definitely the largest output of writing I have ever done in a year, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to keep it up in 2023.


Vania came to Write Through the Night with her Six of Crows series which was initially written as a long essay and was broken down into a few shorter and more specific articles. She continues to share her thoughtful pieces on both books and TV shows.


Maxx is the most recent member of the team, and they started producing content extremely quickly. You all loved his posts about books and “What Your Favorite ___ Says About You“, and they never failed to make me laugh with their witty anecdotes and stream of consciousness stories.


This site would not be half so successful without Aakanksha! She took on a much bigger role in the latter part of the year editing and creating a style guide in addition to her usual writing.


Chinwe has brought so much to the site this year! Out of everyone, she has probably covered the broadest number of topics with the fewest number of posts. From politics to celebrities to TV shows to astrology, Chinwe always has interesting takes and I look forward to reading everything she comes up with next!


Priyanuj is moving on to bigger and better things and won’t be writing with us regularly next year. We’ll miss him dearly! You still might see his writing around here every once in a while, though, if he feels inspired.

What’s your favorite article you read this year? What’s the best article you wrote?