Representation for the LGBTQ community in media has come a long way in recent years.

As a woman in the community, I try to consume series that are not simply based on the stereotypes that exist about us, but rather complex, unique and endearing stories about fleshed out characters. Stories are better when our existence within the community isn’t the only relevant thing about us. 

Fortunately, more of those stories already exist. Does that mean we are now being treated as we truly deserve to be? No, but it does mean that there are shows giving us representation that can make us feel seen and even save lives.

This is why I’ve decided to make a list of my top LGBTQIA characters on TV who have won my heart over the years. It’s worth mentioning that they are not in order (because my brain keeps me from ranking them) but they all deserve to be in this category.

Rain Whispers, The Owl House

Raine Whispers made history as Disney’s first non-binary character! This makes me so happy and I want my baby to get the recognition they deserve! They are one of the best characters on television and you can’t change my mind.  

Charlie Spring, Heartstopper

Charlie Spring makes me so happy and his relationship with Nick Nelson comforts me. He is way too underrated, even though he is the main character! Heartstopper is about a vibrant, queer, unabashed group of friends whose identities and personalities shine.

Jesper Fahey, Shadow and Bone 

Jesper Fahey is one of the most underrated characters in Shadow and Bone.   I understand that he is a popular and beloved character, but I still feel he is not properly  appreciated by the audience. Jesper is seen only as comedy relief when in fact he is more than that. P.S: I think Jesper Fahey should wear eyeliner. 

Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn 99

Rosa “You already know too much about me” Diaz is a mood. Her coming out story makes me sob.  After her parents did not support her being bisexual, the fact that her friends supported her during the entire process is just amazing. The whole scene of the team showing up at her family game night has made me cry, without fail, every time I’ve watched this series. 

Leighton Murray, The Sex Lives of College Girls

I am literally crazy about her. She’s so effortlessly funny and I adore her for it. Leighton has one of the most realistic coming out stories I’ve ever seen and it hit so close to home for me.  She went from being on-edge all the time, scared of who she was, to becoming unapologetically her real self.  I’m so happy for her!