February is over! Despite it being a shorter month than usual, I had a very productive month in terms of reading and watching television. It’s started getting colder now than it has all winter, which is disappointing to me, but alas! Into the true second winter we go.

Books I Read

This was the month of reading about lost 20 year olds. Four of the books were very much New Adult (despite that no longer being a legitimate genre), and I loved each and every one of them!

  • Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, by Gabrielle Zevin (5 stars)
  • The Light We Carry, by Michelle Obama (4 stars)
  • Less, by Andrew Sean Greer (3 stars)
  • Really Good, Actually, by Monica Heisey (5 stars)
  • Maame, by Jessica George (5 stars)
  • Not So Perfect Strangers, by LS Stratton (4 stars)
  • All This Could Be Different, by Sarah Thankam Mathews (4 stars)

TV I Watched

The entire internet was rewatching Girls this year, so I joined by watching it for the very first time. I’m also doing my first ever watch of Game of Thrones and enjoying Netflix’s new reality show Perfect Match.

  • Girls (Seasons 3-6)
  • Game of Thrones (Seasons 1-4)
  • Perfect Match

Movies I Watched

In terms of movies, I definitely could have done better. I only watched three, and one of them, Found Family, was a short film. For some reason I just wasn’t feeling inspired by anything despite starting many movies that I ultimately stopped partway through.

  • Your Place or Mine (3.5 stars)
  • Found Family (4.5 stars)
  • All in my Family (5 stars)

Reviews You Can Use

Sometimes, we publish reviews long after we actually consume the material. Below is a list of all of the reviews I published this month, in case you want to read some reviews right now.


Short Films

Posts We Wrote That You Loved

Here are the most popular posts of the month!

  1. Pick the Perfect Cocktail Based on Your Zodiac Sign– Throwing a party? Check out this list of delicious cocktails by James so that you can match each person’s drink to their zodiac sign.
  2. 2023 Oscar Winner Picks and Predictions– Chinwe’s review of Oscar movies, including what she thinks will win versus what she actually wants to win, is such a fun read and one you should definitely check out before Oscars night!
  3. Top 10 Most Anticipated Book Releases– As always, these book release posts are popular once more
  4. Netflix’s “Perfect Match” Isn’t Worried About Actual Romance– I am loving Perfect Match so far, and I wrote this review after the first four episodes dropped
  5. Valentine’s Day Movies: Celebrating Love in All Forms– Aakanksha, Vania, and I, at Vania’s suggestion, worked on a collaborative post about all of our favorite Valentine’s day movies!
  6. “The Last Beekeeper” is a Story of Hope and the Love of Nature Prevailing– Maxx’s first ever ARC review went live this month, and he loved the book! The review was a delight to read

My Bookshelf

I received three books for review this month, but I have yet to get through any of them! These include Adult Drama, a memoir by Natalie Beach— Caroline Calloways ghost writer— Thicker Than Water and, most excitingly of all, I Have Some Questions For You, which is my first ever libro.fm audiobook for review.

Elsewhere On the Internet

  • The Let’s Facetime Podcast is still going strong, so if you’re interested in hearing me talk about my life, make sure to give it a listen!

Off the Internet

It was a short month this February, and that means I didn’t really do much. I started off the month visiting my girlfriend, but other than that don’t have anything to report!

How was your February? Tell me all about it in the comments!