With a title like Sharknado, you expect something weird. This film delivers.

Sharknado, the hit SyFy Channel original saga, has positioned itself as one of the most ridiculous films ever created on or off the channel. It knows what it wants to achieve and makes no apologies for it, managing a tone that is wry, self-aware and sarcastic.

Gloriously terrible, absolutely nothing in this six movie series makes sense. The worst part? I’m a total sucker for watching these films.  As ridiculous as they are, I can’t help but enjoy them. Without a doubt, Sharknado is guilty pleasure at its best. 

This movie is so bad that it’s enjoyable, and no matter if it’s to watch with your friends when you’re so drunk that everything seems great, or when you’re so sad that you need something to make you laugh or at least forget about your problems, this saga needs to be seen sometime in your life. 

I have listed the reasons why this saga is simultaneously  ridiculous and  deserving of my love: 

The Title: First of all, let’s talk about the title. Honestly, I’ve grown up watching movies with ridiculous names, especially from SyFy, but I never thought I’d find a connection between “shark” and “tornado”.

The Plot: I really wonder how or why someone would come up with such an idea. A hurricane that floods Los Angeles and sharks start falling from the sky because tornadoes pick them up? It’s certainly something I wouldn’t have thought of, at least not soberly, and I have to acknowledge its ample creativity. 

The Characters: The characters have terrible performances, unquestionably. The dialogue they’ve been given ranges from ridiculously cheesy to the epitome of cliché. What I can acknowledge, though, is that over the course of all six films, they’ve been given at least some development (because yes, I have watched all six films, folks).

The CGI: No doubt Sharknado has terrible special effects. I remember watching the movies as a kid and swearing they were so amazing. I even had temporary nightmares. Now that I watch it as an adult, half the time the sharks are barely recognizable for the sea creatures they are, and the wounds are so fake they make me laugh. 

This film makes no sense at all and is completely illogical, but I enjoy watching it. It is surely a classic. Not sure exactly what kind, but it is one. It’s my guilty pleasure.