It may seem like some people can maintain a sunny outlook no matter what. That can’t be true, of course. Everyone has a low moment now and then, and everyone can be pushed into a corner and come out in a bad mood. What matters is how you deal with it.

A Passing Storm

Most adults have experienced a bad mood that manifested in an extreme way. This isn’t fun for anyone.

For most people, a bad mood is a temporary condition, like a passing storm. For others, it might seem more like a hurricane, causing damage. The damage can be psychological or physical, internal or external. 

The Art of Reversing Course

Knowing how to stop or reverse a storm of negative emotions is an important life skill. The task can be difficult, but not impossible. Here are 7 techniques and tips that others have used to successfully dispel the gloom. Try them out the next time you feel clouds of negativity gathering. 

1. Change the Scenery

Get out and go for a walk. 

Getting fresh air and moving your legs provides aerobic exercise that increases the amount of oxygen in your blood. More blood will reach your brain, which means more oxygen and nutrients. This can improve cognitive functions. 

As you walk you see new things. This can provide a wonderful distraction to your mind. 

By boosting the cognitive areas of the brain and distracting the conscious portion of the mind, a 30-minute walk has a good chance of improving anyone’s mood.

2.  Listen to Music

It doesn’t have to be good music, just music you like. 

Crank it up. Dance. Concentrate on the words or the beat or both. Feel how the music affects your body, and soon your thoughts may wander. Let them. 15 or 20 minutes of this could dispel a lot of gloom and negativity. 

Many people enjoy this method during long commutes before or after work.

3. Indulge in Botanicals

Traditional medicine has recognized the power of botanicals for thousands of years. 

All-natural kratom products are like other botanicals and can be found in many forms, including powders, tinctures, and capsules. Specific strains of kratom may provide temporary relief from gloomy thoughts and feelings. Its soothing aroma can be uplifting. Some kratom strains are sought after by those who have learned how the power of nature may benefit their search for wellness.

4. Strategic Chocolate

Studies show that compounds in chocolate may increase blood flow in the brain. These beneficial compounds, or flavonoids, seem to be more concentrated in dark chocolate. 

So eat some chocolate.

Plan ahead. Stash a strategic reserve of dark chocolate and next time you feel angry, sad, or a little low, settle back with your secret weapon. Maybe a good chocolate bar is all you need to improve your mood. 

5. A Warm Beverage

A warm beverage helps many people to relax and improve their mood. It could be herbal tea, with or without additives like CBD, or it might be coffee. It may even be warm soup. 

Take your time as you prepare your beverage. Find a suitable place to consume it, one where you won’t be disturbed or distracted. Concentrate on the scent and taste of whatever is in the cup, and enjoy the soothing effect. 

6. Watch a Funny Video

Studies show that watching something funny can influence the viewer in many positive ways. 

Humor is subjective, but most people can find something funny on their favorite streaming service. It doesn’t have to be a long video; shorter videos may be more effective. A few minutes of watching something funny is all it takes as long as you honestly laugh or chuckle. 

Many people find cat videos to be hilarious, so you might start there. Or maybe puppy videos are more your thing. Many streaming services have curated lists that specialize in humorous topics, often dozens or hundreds of them, so there’s something out there for everyone. 

The more you watch, the more you’ll laugh. You’ll know when you’ve had enough.

7. Use Cannabis

Cannabis is used socially and privately by millions of people. 

Cannabis with or without THC may offer beneficial effects. Many strains of cannabis are grown to optimize their mood-boosting and euphoric properties. A dispensary guide or budtender can help guide you to a strain you might like.

You can find cannabis in many forms, including gummies, with various concentrations of THC and CBD. As always, make sure to do your research and use responsibly! 

Be Positive!

Remember a bad mood is just a passing storm, and negative feelings usually don’t last very long. If they do, try some of these things to make yourself feel better. Try combining them for increased effectiveness. Add them to your daily wellness routine, and benefit from them every day.