Daisy Jones & The Six, the Prime Video limited series based on the Taylor Jenkins Reid book of the same name, is out now! Despite the fact that episodes are dropping in batches, I will be recapping each and every one right here for you. From the formation of the band to its eventual collapse, we’re going along on this wild ride together

This show is truly a journey! Episode 5 of Daisy Jones & The Six has re-confirmed just how bisexual I am. Every single scene featuring Billy, Daisy, Karen, Graham, or Camila has me thinking how HOT everyone is. I cannot handle it. Aside from that, this was such a good episode for Billy/Daisy and Graham/Karen shippers!

We open episode 5, “Track 5: Fire”, with our two leads waking up to the sound of their alarms. Billy wakes up next to Camila, and Daisy wakes up next to an unknown man and a glass of wine, which she proceeds to drink immediately.

They’re headed to the studio. It’s recording day! On the way there, Billy downs a smoothie and chats with Camila, and Daisy steals a bottle of wine left by the pool as a gift. She pulls up to the studio and downs a pill, chasing it with the wine.

It’s November 9th, 1975, and these two could not be in more different life places. They are, however, at the same physical place. Sound City! What could possibly go wrong! 

Warren and Eddie immediately break into a not-so-quiet discussion about how Daisy’s legs are distracting them.

Daisy: Warren, right?
Warren: Yeah?
Daisy: You know it’s not my job not to turn you on.

Go Daisy! Speaking for women everywhere, who have been asked to cover their legs and shoulders for far too long. It’s amusing, because by today’s standards, Daisy’s shorts aren’t even particularly short. Her style is honestly enviable. It’s something I would wear were I feeling like a girl who was skinny and confident and glowing.

Billy begins to introduce Daisy to the band, but before he can finish Daisy leaps in. She has about 20 new songs she wants to play for them! She doesn’t mean to cut Billy off, she’s just overcome with excitement— and also, probably, all of the uppers she had on the way there. 

The band looks around uncomfortably. The songs Billy intends to play are actually all already written. He sets up the band to play the first one, and Daisy rolls her eyes.

“Let me guess. It’s about your wife, and the rain” she quips. 

Interview Warren and Interview Eddie break into laughter. 

The song was called “She’s the Storm”. 

Daisy is confused. If the album is going to be The Band’s album, then it should be Karen’s and Daisy’s and Warren’s and Graham’s and “that guys” (Eddie’s) just as much as it is Billy’s. Interview Eddie was obviously fully on board with this, having wanted to be a leader since the summer of ‘69. 

Daisy asks if Billy even has a direction they should talk about, and Karen speaks up and says she agrees. Eddie wants to make a rock and roll record as opposed to the pop music Billy is singing about. This opens up the stage, and everyone has ideas. Warren wants African drums. Eddie wants to write his own bass piece. Billy’s pissed off.

Teddy bursts through the door and kicks out Daisy and Billy, telling them to go somewhere just the two of them and figure it out. Daisy suggests they go get some food, to which Billy says it’s only 10am. She tries to turn on the music in the car, and Billy turns it off. She orders two burgers for herself, Billy thinks one is for him. 

Once they get through all of that, Daisy wants to know why Billy is so obsessed with his wife. After all, Camila is great, but is Billy worried Camila is going to leave him? He is, of course, but Daisy has no idea about that. She’s just guessing, and her intuition is on the nose, driving Billy insane. 

As they eat, the song “Stumbled on Sublime” comes on, and Billy starts singing along. It’s the song Daisy wrote that her boyfriend stole from her, and Daisy informs Billy of this. He doesn’t believe her at first, and then listens harder and admits it’s a good song. 

Back at the house, Eddie and Warren are headed out to watch Rollerball a second time, and Karen offers to go to the beach with Graham. He’s shy, but when Karen checks to make sure they’re good, he says “of course”. I hate this for them! Why did it have to go this way! 

Karen heads upstairs to put on her bathing suit, and when she comes down she sees that Karenline Caroline, the girl flirting with Graham at the party in the last episode, is there too. Graham and Karenline are making out, and Karen tries to back out of the whole endeavor. Graham won’t let her— “don’t make it weird.” he says, and she gets into the backseat.


After a delicious high calorie brunch, Daisy heads to a fancy house and searches the rocks for a key. They’re more or less breaking in, and Billy is nervous about the whole thing. It is, of course, Teddy’s house, a place Daisy has been multiple times before, but Billy doesn’t know this and that makes the whole thing funnier.

He’s in awe of how beautiful the place is, and after wandering around pulls out his guitar and starts playing. Daisy pours herself a drink and then sits down next to him. 

Neither of them know how to write songs together, and it’s awkward to watch them struggle through. Billy hands her his notebook, claiming they’re not all about his wife, and she turns the page and looks back up at him disbelievingly with each turn. Then, she hands him her notebook and he says “okay”, and walks out to the backyard.

He doesn’t like Daisy’s “nature shit” imagery, and Daisy doesn’t like Billy’s wife guy energy. He claims she has to say what she means more often, and she calls him a shithead. 

Despite the bickering, they appear to be getting somewhere, and Daisy asks him to play the riff he’d been playing earlier, one that Graham had been working on. 

She starts to hum, and Billy closes his eyes, entranced in his own world of music. It breaks when he hears a splash— Daisy has jumped in the pool.

Billy: Are we taking a break?
Daisy: No. We’re writing.

The beach is not getting any less awkward. While Graham surfs, Karenline and Karen get to know each other. Karenline is a premed student, and Karen herself doesn’t understand how a girl like that could be into Graham. Well, she says, Graham is a good guy who’s sexy as hell. Karen acts like she’s never thought about this before. 

I’m truly so annoyed. If they were going to put Karen and Graham together, why couldn’t they have done it like the book? Why did they need to put this weird 1 day interim on their relationship? None of it makes sense, and it would have been equally as interesting and fun to watch had they started a relationship that night and just spent all day hiding it. I hate the way this happened but I love that it’s happening. 

Graham comes to ask them to go swim with him, and when Karenline says no, Karen says yes. Let the games begin!

Daisy and Billy’s joint writing process is chaotic. While he stays seated, strumming and scribbling, she wanders about the house, dancing, drinking, and generally looking as unproductive as humanly possible. 

Daisy’s playing a record, and after Billy admits that his first ever record was “How Much is That Doggy in the Window”, Daisy lets him put his choice on. It’s Beach Boys, “In My Room”, and Daisy immediately starts singing and trying to get Billy to dance with her. 

Finally, Daisy says that if they’re going to write together, they can’t be strangers, and implores Billy to ask her anything and she’ll answer honestly.

His question: “How many pills do you take in a day?”

Daisy says she doesn’t know. She doesn’t count, and she doesn’t understand why Billy would even ask that question. Immediately, Billy calls that out as a problem, but Daisy thinks she can stop whenever she wants. In fact, she says, she can throw them in the toilet and not feel a thing.

Billy claims to not believe her, and then Daisy does just that.

Next, Billy wants to know why Daisy joined the band. She wanted to know because of Billy himself. He feels familiar, like she’s known him a long time, and that doesn’t usually happen to her. 

She gives Billy one more question, and he wants to know how she really cut her hand. Daisy says she told him the truth that night at the party. She broke into her parent’s house, but they didn’t live there anymore so she got arrested. 

Billy clearly does not understand why that would have happened. Daisy just wanted her family to know she had a number one song, but her family had moved away without even telling her. 

“Jesus, Daisy. That might be the saddest thing I’ve ever heard” Billy says.

Daisy admits that life being sad is the reason she takes pills. That’s what Billy used to do, but now he just “feels it”

To Daisy, that’s the saddest thing she’s ever heard.

The two of them are getting somewhere! Daisy has figured out that Billy is writing songs about who he wishes he was rather than who he actually is. That’s what people want to hear about.

Back to the beach! In the ocean, Karen is interrogating Graham about his new girl. She doesn’t know what the two of them have in common, but Graham says they don’t actually talk that much, they just have lots of sex. They’re so cute and flirty!

Then, a wave comes, and Karen attempts to take it in. She actually gets up on the board, which is impressive, although perhaps less so when we see that Suki Waterhouse (Karen’s actress) has incredible abs. A multi-talented queen!

The sun is setting by the time Daisy and Billy finally have a song. They’re vibing, disagreeing in ways that make the music better rather than make it fall apart. Both are smiling, and I can tell this song is going to be an absolute hit. 

What’s not a hit is Karenline’s taste in music. She’s a lover of Barry Manilow, and this is something Graham quite simply cannot abide. When they arrive back at the house, Karen hops out of the back seat and asks Graham to walk her in. Eddie and Warren still aren’t back from seeing Rollerball, and she’s “worried about burglars”.

She is, of course, not worried about burglars, and the instant they get inside she presses him up against the refrigerator door and kisses him, hard. Then, they’re making out, and I love this but I hate how it happened!

They’re so cute together! They both look so happy! Graham picks her up to bring her to the bedroom while Karenline is stuck sitting in her car in the driveway. 

Daisy and Billy are so close to getting their song. She’s pushing it in a less hopeful direction, and Billy is finally realizing that he was wrong about Daisy. He says that he never would have guessed she was so “broken”, and she gets up and goes to the kitchen, where she proceeds to pop the pills she clearly did not flush down the toilet. 

Billy goes after her, and he finds her sitting in the car, staring out into space. 

Billy: What I meant is, we’re more alike than I thought

Daisy asks what that means, and Billy tells her about how his dad left without a forwarding address when he was eight, and that everything he does is to make him regret it.

Daisy: I’m not broken.
Billy: Yeah, me neither.

They’re still sitting there, both trying not to cry, when Teddy Price pulls up, asking how the hell those two got into his house.

At the band’s house, Graham and Karen are making out when Warren and Eddie walk through the door. The infatuated couple leap apart, and then the phone rings. It’s Teddy, and they all head back down to the studio. 

Interview Warren says the song is still one of his favorites, and Interview Karen and Interview Graham talk about how incredible the day was. 

Eddie questions the song cutting to D-major, and Billy tells him to “trust me”, and then gives him permission to “fuck around with it” if he wants. This is huge for Billy! He’s truly learning to let go and give everyone control!

Then, it’s time to record. The song is good! We get to hear the song in it’s entirety, broken only by interviews.  Eddie says Daisy was what finally allowed all of them to contribute, rather than it just being “the Billy show”. Karen says the two made each other better—”until, of course, they didn’t”.

The song ends, and Daisy leaps across the space to give Billy a hug. 

By the time Billy gets home that night, Camila is already asleep. When Billy says it’s late, she assumes that it went terrible, but rather than answering, Billy proceeds to make out with her. 

As Camila starts to moan, we cut to black. That’s the episode!