Daisy Jones & The Six, the Prime Video limited series based on the Taylor Jenkins Reid book of the same name, is out now! Despite the fact that episodes are dropping in batches, I will be recapping each and every one right here for you. From the formation of the band to its eventual collapse, we’re going along on this wild ride together

I have made it back from my vacation, and I am here with the final recap of Daisy Jones and The Six. I apologize in advance for how long this recap is, I truly could not bring myself to cut it down.

Just like that, our Daisy Jones and The Six journey has come to an end. These characters that we’ve all loved, the limited series we were all eagerly awaiting for years, and it’s over! I didn’t realize how sad I would be that it’s over, but to be fair I also didn’t realize how angry I would be with the way it ends.

Track 10: Rock n’ Roll Suicide opens directly with the intro track. There’s no cold open here today, folks! 

After that, we hit the stage in Chicago. The crowd is roaring.

Cut into clips of Daisy taking the stage, we get this text, beginning the last episode as we did the first:

On October 4, 1977

Daisy Jones & The Six performed

to a sold out crowd at Soldier Field

in Chicago, Illinois.

It would be their final performance.

An announcer screams the band’s name, and they all take their places at their instruments. Imagine if you had tickets scheduled for The Six’s next show, and then they just stopped performing forever? In interviews, Graham said he never would have believed it would be their last show, even that morning. 

Eddie has a black eye in Chicago and says nothing in interviews. Warren, on the other hand, was just there to have a good time. Interview Warren said he didn’t want to see anything that was going on. Interview Karen is silent, staring at the camera, clearly still upset.

Interview Daisy tilts her head to the side, pondering. 

Interview Billy says that there’s still a lot the interviewer doesn’t know. In Chicago, we see him drinking from a flask just a few feet offstage.

And the title track: Track 10: Rock n’ Roll Suicide flashes onscreen, and we rewind our clocks to just ten hours earlier. 

Camila is still upset when they check into the hotel, and when Billy asks if she’s okay she snaps at him. Rod hands out keys to each one of them, teasing Graham about being late and Daisy about perpetually losing her key. Sound check is at 4, unless you’re talking to Daisy, then you tell her it’s at 3. She laughs and says she knows about Daisy Standard Time, something Simone herself invented. And Simone is there! 

Over lunch, Daisy and Simone chat. Simone ended up turning down Attic Records, a fact which Daisy finds hilarious given all of the shit Simone gave her in Greece. New York changed Simone, though. She finally stopped being afraid to use her voice, and Attic wanted to shut all of that down. 

“You sentimental bitch” Daisy teases. When Simone replies earnestly, Daisy’s eyes fill with tears. Daisy doesn’t think she can continue doing this “with him”, and Simone says maybe, then, she just shouldn’t. Way back in Greece, Daisy knew that being around Billy wasn’t good for her. Her motivations were different then, and it wasn’t like Nicky was the solution, but sometimes gut instincts are the right ones and Daisy might have done well to follow hers a year ago.

12:55am, because for some reason we’ve decided to timestamp this episode

Billy wants to know what Camila’s attitude is “all about” and she tells him that she saw him with Daisy in the kitchen that morning. Billy tries to play it all off as an act, but Camila presses; just as Billy could tell what Daisy looks like in love, Camila can tell what her husband looks like.

Camila: We’ve both done things

This grinds Billy to a stop. He’s done things, sure. But his wife? His perfect angel wife? He doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about. 

Camila holds her ground, and I’ve never been more proud of anyone in my life. Eventually, Billy caves, admitting to kissing Daisy that one time in the parking lot. While Billy is telling the truth, he’s also blatantly lying. It’s feelings that matter, not that one single kiss, and Camila can tell he’s holding back.

She demands that he tell her he doesn’t love Daisy, and he can’t bring himself to say the words. Personally, if he really loved Camila and wanted to be with her, I think it would be pretty simple to just lie about Love, but maybe that’s a personal flaw I should work through.

Regardless, Daisy walks out of her room and into the hallway, interrupting the marital quarrel. She apologizes instantly, knowing she walked into something she shouldn’t have, but Camila laughs, telling her to stay. Camila’s done, and she walks away. Daisy stands there frozen, unsure of what to do. 

Billy tells Daisy that Camila thinks they’re having an affair and that he’s in love with her. Daisy asks what Billy said, and he says “the truth”. Nothing ever happened, and nothing ever will.

Great, now all three of them are incredibly hurt!

We’re back onstage, timestamp unknown, and Daisy is snorting cocaine in the back while Billy talks to the audience. 

Graham is staring off into space as if the world has ended, and Karen looks about to cry as she begins playing the notes on her keyboard.

Then it’s the day again, some unknown time between 12:55am and the show (can you tell I’m upset by the lack of timestamp consistency).

Karen and Graham are getting into the elevator to go to their hotel room, and Graham suggests that they see a doctor “to be on the safe side”. In response, Karen finally tells him that she “took care of it”. Graham, being a dumb boy, doesn’t understand at first, and when Karen starts to cry he goes silent, slamming elevator buttons to get off as soon as possible. I know he’s hurt, but he also gave no viable alternative to Karen quitting the band and himself staying in it! Fuck that! 

Onstage, Graham plays with his eyes closed and Karen plays staring at him, her expression dead.

Daisy’s makeup is a mess, and she stops singing to head to Karen, joining her on the piano bench and leaning against her. The girls embrace as the song ends, and the crowd goes wild.

1:31pm (we’re back)

Daisy is in a banquet room, playing and singing sadly to herself, when Camila walks in. 

“He’s telling you the truth,” Daisy says immediately. She says it’s nothing like “that”. After all, Camila is the first love and the mother of his child. Camila takes this the wrong way immediately, accusing Daisy of saying that Billy’s only with her out of a sense of duty.

That’s not what Daisy meant, though. Both women know that Billy loves Camila. If they didn’t, all of this would be a whole lot easier.

Daisy: He’s yours! He’ll always be yours. You are who he’ll choose every fucking time. And I just…
Camila: You’re what?
Daisy: I just have to live with that

Camila snaps that Billy and Daisy are far too much alike, considering themselves fumbling lost souls when in fact they know what they’re doing.

Camila: You deserve each other

Ouch. I much preferred the book version where Camila was always kind to Daisy, even through it all. It lent a level of grace to Camila’s character that (while still present) is slightly different in the TV version.

Billy was trying to use music to drown out his pain as well, but rather than playing the guitar, he ends up smashing it. Eddie knocks on the door, and Billy practically sprints to answer it. 

Eddie’s there to tell Billy that he’s quitting the band. One down, five to go. It’s always been hard for Eddie. From the Dunne Brother days until now, he’s always been second string, and he’s over it. Despite all of the success, he isn’t enjoying himself whatsoever. He hated playing bass, but he did it for the band. And even then, Eddie’s parts were rerecorded on the master. 

Then, in Pittsburgh, Billy stole Eddie’s solo at the hometown show, with his grandmother in attendance. My heart breaks for Eddie, who most definitely overestimates his own abilities but would also be so happy with just a little bit of recognition.

Today is not the day to be getting sympathy from Billy, who informs his (now former) bandmate that he likes being shafted, because otherwise he’d actually have to face the fact that he’s just not good enough. 

Eddie’s had enough, and he laughs, shaking his head and making knowing comments that make it clear to Billy, who was elucidated on this very topic just an hour earlier, that Eddie is the one who Camila had an affair with. 

I don’t know what he thought it was going to achieve, but it ultimately leads to Billy winding up and punching Eddie in the face. Eddie shoves him back and then storms out. 

Now we know why Eddie was performing with a black eye.


Daisy is drinking directly from a wine bottle and fumbling through her bag for coke when she finds the letter her parents wrote her all those weeks ago. Opening it up, she finds photos of her childhood self.

She does a line of coke and calls her mother. The woman answers, sounding surprised but not all that happy to hear her daughter on the line. Jeanne says that she missed her daughter, and then promptly calls her a “selfish little shit” for making up stories that she’s an orphan on the news.

Daisy: there are a million strangers out there who love me more than you ever did
Mom: Well, maybe, but they don’t really know you, do they? 
Daisy: Goodbye mother. Next time you want to hear my voice why don’t you try the fucking radio? 

Daisy is sobbing, and I truly cannot imagine what it would be like to grow up in that environment. She’s far better off having escaped. 

Onstage, Billy and Daisy sing “Honeycomb” into the same microphone.


Graham is sitting in the stadium at Soldier Field, and Karen walks over to join him. He doesn’t say anything and so she starts the conversation. She thinks she tried to tell him already, which she did, but Graham clearly didn’t understand. He thought she needed to think about it, not that she was 100% sure she never wanted children.

He pivots, stating that he would have gone with her and held her hand, but they both know that would have made it harder, not easier. Graham never knew how to hide his emotions. He states that relationships aren’t supposed to be easy, they’re supposed to be honest, and when Karen gets up to walk away he spits a final bullet.

Graham: You’re going to be alone. Forever. You know that, right?

This is truly one of the cruelest things he could ever say, and I cannot believe he would be done with her just like that. She walks away without talking. 

This explains their sadness echoing across the stage every moment they glance at each other. 

The band is performing “More Fun to Miss”, and Daisy and Billy are still far too close together. 


Billy is frantically yelling into the payphone, begging someone on the other end to let him leave a message for Camila. He isn’t sure where she is, but when he gets to leave a message he begs her to come to the show and come back to him. He both loves her, and he needs her. 

I cannot believe he made Camila come to the show only to be on top of Daisy the whole time! 

Billy then makes a second phone call, this time to Teddy Price. He isn’t initially available to talk, but when the secretary recognizes his voice she goes to get Teddy anyway. Billy isn’t doing well. He looks on the verge of collapse, crying as he struggles to speak to Teddy. 

Someone bangs on the payphone door to force him to hurry up, and Billy hangs up. It turns out the man is a fan, and he immediately orders two drinks—one for Billy and one for himself. With a single tear rolling down his face, Billy takes the shot.

Meanwhile, Daisy is doing much the same thing in her own room. She blasts the music, does coke, downs shots, and ignores Rod when he tries to call her. 

At sound check, neither Billy nor Daisy are there, and nobody knows where they went. The only one acting normally is Warren, who’s clearly immune to the Eddie/Billy and Karen/Graham drama. Our favorite drummer heads over to call Eddie out for his bullshit. He wants Eddie to get over his shit and stop caring if he’s the biggest man in the band. They’re living the dream, even if Billy is a bit of an asshole. 

Eddie isn’t having it. He tells Warren he’s looking for “a little more out of life” than his friend is, and Warren chuckles, hurt, walking away. 

Eddie asks where he’s going, and Warren shares the plethora of good things he has going for him—a joint, $1,000 champagne, his girlfriend the movie star—with just as positive an attitude as ever.

Camila hears the message, and cries but says nothing.

Simone comes onstage at the show that night! Billy, Daisy, and Simone all sing “The River” together, and I’m so glad Simone came back for the final episode! Her voice is absolutely incredible and she doesn’t get the credit she deserves in this series. 

Just before they go onstage for that song, Rod asks Billy if he’s alright, and Billy says he never has been, which may be true but is clearly missing the point. 

8:33pm. I wonder how they chose these times, because there’s a strong over indexing on 3s.

Rod finally finds Billy, and Billy pulls him into a deep hug. Billy asks if “she” is there, to which Rod assumes he means Daisy and then finds out he means Camila. Upon hearing no, Billy runs into the bathroom and drinks from a flash which he miraculously acquired.

Daisy has also arrived at sound check! Immediately, she pulls Simone towards her and gives her a big long kiss and tells Rod he should be scared. Daisy’s makeup is still deep and dark from when she rubbed it on earlier, and as the rest of the band heads back to the stage, she whirls on Billy.

Daisy: What? Don’t like my makeup? 

Billy doesn’t reply. He just pulls her into a kiss. Daisy can immediately tell that he’s drinking, and she calls him out on it, but doesn’t say anything else, even as he walks out to the stage. Instead, she just looks curious, unsure if she should be happy or sad.

It’s night time again, and Billy gives his outro, hyping up Warren, then Karen, then Graham in turn, giving them each a few seconds to play solo. Then it’s Eddie’s turn. He hypes him up as well, and then pulls Eddie close and tells him to go fuck himself.

We see that Camila has, in fact, made it to the performance. She isn’t completely done with the completely reckless Billy Dunne, but she’s done enough to show up late and stand in the back, thinking back to all the other times she watched Billy play over the course of his career. My heart hurts so badly for Camila. She’s way too good for him.

The second the final song ends, Camila walks out. 

Backstage, Daisy and Billy make out like their lives depend on it. At this moment, all of our timelines merge into each other and we watch the show linearly once more.

Daisy: Billy. What is this?
Billy: She left me
Daisy: What?

Although she continues to kiss him, she looks devastated. 

Now we see Graham, who’s speaking to Karen with a previously unheard of intensity. 

Graham: I love you. I do. And if you want to live out of a suitcase sleeping on tour busses for the next 20 years, then great. So do I. 
Karen: You don’t
Graham: Yes I do. Kids, no kids, I don’t care. I love you. Just say you feel the same and we’ll be fine.

Karen stares at Graham for a long time, and you can see the pain in her eyes as she fights with herself on what to do. She loves Graham just as much as he loves her, but sometimes the kindest thing is to let someone go. Rather than professing her love, Karen apologizes. 

Daisy is still close to Billy as he tries to snort cocaine, but she isn’t having it either. She tells Billy that this isn’t who he is, and Billy claims that it is. They don’t have to fight it anymore. They can be broken together forever.

Daisy begs him to stop, pulling away as he repeats the phrase over and over again. Daisy doesn’t want to be broken! She snaps these words at him angrily and they walk onstage for their encore.

The crowd chants “Look at Us Now!” over and over again, and the whole band just stands there silently. 

Finally, Daisy breaks the silence. 

Daisy: Let me hear it if you’re in love tonight.
Crowd: *cheers*
Daisy: I’ve been in love. And it hurts, doesn’t it? 

As she speaks, Graham and Karen look like they’ve never heard truer words

Daisy: But it doesn’t have to. Love doesn’t have to be bombs and tears and blood. Love can be peace. 

At this, it’s Billy who looks like someone’s hit him.

Daisy: And it can be beautiful. And if you’re lucky enough to find somebody who lifts you up, even when you don’t deserve it… that’s where the light is

Daisy looks at Billy the whole time she’s speaking. She’s talking to Billy, begging him to go back with Camila, to fight for the girl who showed him the light when he thought he didn’t deserve it.

Daisy says that Honeycomb is a love song, reminding him of the true reason he wrote it, and Billy begins to cry as the music starts.

(I also begin to cry as the music starts)

Billy and Daisy are silent, but the crowd is singing for them, waving their lighters and cheering. Then, Daisy starts in. She’s still singing to Billy, and both of them are crying. Then, she mouths a word silently, urging him to go.

He throws his guitar off and runs. We see Camila in the hotel packing her suitcase, and Billy running for the taxi. He’s sobbing, and Daisy is singing her heart out onstage. Karen and Graham are playing with all their heart, and you can tell it’s at this moment that the whole band realizes it’s the last time they’re going to be playing together. 

While Daisy sings, Billy finally reaches Camila just as she and Julia are checking out of the hotel. Billy screams for her to wait, and she turns around. 

Daisy and Karen both sing with the passion of a woman who lost the one she loved because it was better for him to be set free.

The song ends, and the crowd erupts into cheers as Daisy folds over on herself. 

The band comes together and takes their final bow.

Offstage, Rod grabs Daisy and demands to know what’s going on with everyone. Daisy whispers something in his ear, and he looks stunned.

Evidently, Billy’s display of leaving the concert early for Camila was enough to convince her to stay, and the two talk on the porch as Julia sleeps inside. 

Camila demands to know how Daisy could possibly love Billy better than she can, but that’s not it, and Billy says so. It’s not that Daisy loves him more, it’s just that Daisy sees “all” of him in a way he doesn’t let Camila. He thought he was protecting her, or maybe protecting himself, by not telling her about all of the times he sat there and thought about setting their life on fire. But Camila knows anyway, because she’s been there every single day since they were 18. 

At that moment, Julia creeps out of bed and calls for her mom.

We cut to interviews, and the interviewer announces that she remembers that night. The camera turns, and we see Julia, all grown up and behind the documentary camera! This was such a big reveal in the book—I’m curious if any TV only viewers were surprised.

Interviewer Julia says it was the first time she saw Billy cry, and Interview Billy is shocked that a girl that young could remember anything. Julia remembers a lot, though. More than her father would expect.

They put Julia back to bed, and then Billy promises that he’ll work to get Camila back. He promises her this, but she doesn’t reply, allowing him to pack his stuff and leave.

Backstage at the show, Simone is talking with Daisy. Simone and Teddy made a plan to get Daisy checked into rehab in Minnesota, where nobody else will have to know. Daisy thanks her. Billy’s fall from grace, combined with calling her mother, was her sign that she needed to get herself cleaned up once and for all.

Simone reminds Daisy that she’s left family before, and that she’s going to be okay. Daisy begins to cry. She knows she’ll be okay, she just really loved this family.

Daisy cries. Simone hugs her. 

The next day, Karen and Warren board the bus. They share in interviews that they thought everything was going to be okay. Interview Rod said he was working up the energy to share that Daisy was leaving when he saw Eddie. Staying true to his declaration from the day before, the man is packed up and leaving on his own. 

When Warren sees that he’s truly not getting on the bus, his face falls, and my heart breaks equally for him losing his best friend as it does for Karen, Graham, and Daisy losing the ones they love.

Warren comes out of the hotel next, and he can’t find it in himself to board the bus either. He sets his guitar down and walks away.

Interview Rod says that it’s ironic how the chosen ones never know they’re chosen. This begins the merging of timelines once more, and suddenly we are, more or less, in the present day, speaking to the interview cast only.

Interview Karen said she wanted to be a rock ‘n roll star, and at the end of the day she was. And she still is! She changed her name to Candy Floss and she’s playing the keyboard and rocking out in music videos.

Interview Graham moved back home and found a wife and kids. He knows now that Karen did the right thing. Without her being “brutally honest” that night, he’d still be following her around hoping things would change. 

Karen clarifies that while she told Graham what he needed to hear, she wasn’t being honest, clarifying for all of us that she is, in fact, madly in love with Graham.

Interview Eddie shares that he formed his own band. They were “not bad” and Eddie’s life is “fine”. Guess the grass isn’t always greener!

Warren became a session drummer, playing on records and marrying his movie star girlfriend. An important note is that all of Warren’s interviews took place on a yacht, so he has clearly done well for himself.

Simone and Bernie opened a club named “Haven”! They play all of the music they enjoy, and Simone even sings sometimes. 

Rod quit the entire business after Daisy Jones and The Six (until the time of this interview, but that’s a story for “another time”).

Teddy died by the time they started interviewing, but a clip from The Merv Griffin Show tells us that he’s happy with people forgetting him and remembering the music. 

Daisy is sober, playing music, with a daughter of her own. She says that she’s been in love with other people since then, but with Billy it was “different”. He was her twin flame; they both loved all of the same parts about the world, and it was all the same parts of it that destroyed them. 

Daisy says that she owed it to herself to leave. Without that, she never would have gotten better. 

Billy also healed for the first time after the band ended. He went to rehab, then therapy, and then finally won Camila back. He also did his best to right the wrongs he made along the way, never missing a school play or a soccer game. 

We find out that Camila got sick, and it immediately becomes clear that over the course of these interviews, Camila died. 

Billy cries, Karen says that she’s the reason she was even in the band at all, and Eddie says he would have been there, at the funeral, he just wasn’t sure if that would be okay.

Daisy says that Camila saw a future for her that she couldn’t see for herself, and I’m so glad that in the show they’re acknowledging that Camila is the one that ultimately saved Daisy’s life!

Graham simply says “I can’t”.

Billy: She was the love of my life. And I can say that now and know it’s the truth.

He would give up everything for just one more minute with Camila, and Julia embraces Billy, interview forgotten.

Julia asks Daisy if she’d ever want to do it again, and Daisy smiles. She says she doesn’t know how her mother would have felt about that, and it’s clear that Daisy still cares what Camila thinks of her, even after all of this time.

Julia says she does, in fact, know, and it cuts to a video of Camila.

She looks exhausted, and says out loud that she looks ridiculous, adjusting her wig before beginning to talk. She wants to know who Julia is planning on talking to, and when the girl names everyone but Daisy, Camila brings her up herself. Camila thinks that Julia should most definitely talk to her, and also let her know something while she’s at it.

Camila: Just tell her that, I’m happy for her. She’s made such a beautiful life for herself, and uh, Well, I’ve always been her biggest fan
Julia: I’ll tell her, mom
Camila: Tell your father to give her a call

Julia is surprised, but Camila tells her that she shouldn’t be. The two of them had a wonderful marriage, choosing each other each and every time, but life isn’t that simple. 

Camila: One day, when he’s ready, tell your father to give Daisy Jones a call. And tell Daisy Jones to answer. At the very least, those two still owe me a song.

Billy knocks on Daisy’s door, and Daisy answers. They stare at each other for a second, and then both break into a smile.

And that’s the show!

I’m sobbing! I love it so much!!!! What are your thoughts? How did you guys think it held up to the book? Let me know in the comments!