Title: Get In My Swamp

Author: G.M. Fairy

Rating: 3 stars 

Publication date: February 4th, 2023

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Format read: eBook

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I have thrown myself into the fire, and I bought and read the viral Shrek-inspired romance novel, Get In My Swamp. To say I have thoughts is an understatement. 

I will be keeping this review PG-13 but I must warn you, this book is EXPLICIT. If you have seen it circulating on TikTok or elsewhere on the internet, you probably figured that out, but I needed to say it just in case. 

Let’s get some trigger warnings out of the way. Since it is based on Shrek, be warned this is a captor/captive romance which, in the real world, is totally not okay. There are some brief references to child abuse. Also, there is an incest reference, nothing super graphic, but I wanted to note it here as well. 

The book follows Liona on her bachelorette party prior to her wedding to Lawrence. Her bridesmaids have brought her out to a “silent retreat” in rural Florida, and Liona is not having a great time. She decides that she doesn’t want to be around these people she is barely friends with. Liona’s bridal party is made up of friends of her sister in law to be, and they are all elitist and shallow, whereas Liona grew up poor. She decides to go out to walk around and explore the woods to clear her mind. 

She gets lost while walking and wanders into a community of fairytale creatures. Unfortunately for her, that sets her directly in the path of Beck, an ogre who volunteered to live on the outskirts of the community to ward off any humans who happen to stumble upon them. Liona doesn’t see the signs warning her of the property because it is dark outside, and falls into a trap that Beck had set to catch (and eat) people.  

Beck takes Liona captive, but promises he doesn’t plan to hurt her. It is clear that he is sexually attracted to her. The fairytale creatures in the town ask him to “dispose of her ” to maintain their safety, but he has become attached to her and suggests he just keep her prisoner. He explains that since he is so fast and strong, she couldn’t possibly escape. They agree with his plan and she becomes his prisoner.

As the book goes on, we see Liona fall in love with her captor—with many graphic sex scenes along the way. The main focus of the story is the sexual side of Beck and Liona’s relationship. It lacks any real depth, and you could say we don’t get to see many of Beck or Liona’s layers (Shrek pun fully intended). But to be fair, I was definitely not expecting a deep dive into their feelings anyway. 

Now, this book is not good. It is a funny smut-filled romp, and if that is something you are into, you may get a kick out of this. I was actively laughing out loud reading it.  I have been reading fanfiction for over a decade (way before it was socially acceptable) so this is definitely not the weirdest fic I have ever read, by a long shot. It is odd, it is repulsive, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. There is a sequel and I may subject myself to it for the purpose of content and clicks (don’t blame me, blame the almighty algorithm). 

If you are used to weird, smutty fanfiction, I think you would enjoy this. I also think, however, you can find way better trashy fics on Archive of our Own (ao3). 

Have you read this viral book? Do you want me to review the sequel? Let us know in the comments!