Last year, I wrote “most anticipated book releases” posts for each month of the year, sharing 112 books in total! Obviously, that’s far more books than I could possibly read. I saw another blogger list how many of their 2022 most anticipated books they’d actually read, and I absolutely had to jump on the bandwagon and check myself. By the time I’m writing this post, I’ve read 26, or 23%, of the books I shared. Here’s the breakdown of each month.


Despite recommending 10 books in January 2022, I ultimately only ended up reading two of them! While they were both somewhat enjoyable reads, neither ended up being my favorites of the year.

  • Fiona and Jane, by Jean Chen Ho (3.5 stars)
  • The Maid, by Nita Prose (3 Stars)


I also recommended 10 books in February, as I try to do most months, and ended up reading three. I loved all three of them and would still highly recommend.


March was a bit of a harder month for me in terms of reading what I set out to read, and as a result I only ended up reading one book on the list. This book was fine. I did not feel exceptionally strongly for or against it, although that is probably because magical realism has never been my preferred genre.

  • When We Were Birds, by Ayanna Lloyd Banwo (4 stars)


Yet again, another three book month! I admittedly read My Sister’s Big Fat Indian Wedding long after April had passed, after Vania read and enjoyed it. The other two I read as ARCs, and can safely say that one was far better than the other!

  • She Gets the Girl, by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick (5 stars)
  • Young Mungo, by Douglas Stuart (2 stars)
  • My Sister’s Big Fat Indian Wedding, by Sajni Patel (3 stars


Three book month! All of these were gay, but only two of them were well-executed and only one of them was remotely feel good! Feel free to guess which one is which.


I only shared 8 books this month because I had some trouble finding more that I was excited about, but I did end up reading three of these!


There were only six books on the July list, and I only read one, but I loved it.


August I was back up to 10 anticipated books! I read three, and absolutely adored all three of them.

  • Carrie Soto is Back, by Taylor Jenkins Reid (5 stars)
  • Husband Material, by Alexis Hall (4.5 stars)
  • I’m Glad my Mom Died, by Jennette McCurdy (4.5 stars)


Despite anticipating 10 books for September, I read none! Whoops!


This was a 10 recommendations, 1 read month. Clearly the fall is not it for me!


This was by far my best month in terms of reading the books I said I was excited for, and I’m not really sure why it was so much more successful than the others. I really enjoyed each and every one of these books, and would recommend them to you all still.

  • We Deserve Monuments, by Jas Hammonds (5 stars)
  • Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail, by Ashley Herring Blake (4 stars)
  • Not is Not the Time to Panic, by Kevin Wilson (3.5 stars)
  • Small Game, by Blair Braverman (4.5 stars)
  • The Light We Carry, by Michelle Obama (4 stars)


This is the most recent month of everything on this list, so it makes sense that I may have read less, given that I have had less time to read them. The only book I read on this list of 10 I actually received as an ARC, so I had advanced time to get through it.

How many of your most anticipated books did you read last year?