The following includes spoilers for episodes 1-8 of Yellowjackets Season 2

The season 2 finale of Yellowjackets is airing on Sunday (today for those of us who watch on streaming) and I could not be more devastated that it’s coming to an end. I love these characters and the suspense that the show’s writers have instilled into every episode. With the writer’s strike looking like it won’t end anytime soon (support the WGA!), not even the fact that Yellowjackets is already renewed for a third season is comforting—who knows how long it will be before that hits our screens.

To add to the drama, at the end of the last episode Lottie proposed a ritual killing among the adult Yellowjackets, and that’s led to widespread theories about whether one of the adult Yellowjackets is going to die in the season finale. That means it could be the last time we see all six of them together on screen! It’s also potentially the last time I can write a post about all of them, so I’m stealing Maxx’s format today to tell you what your favorite Yellowjackets character says about you.


If your favorite character is Taissa Turner, you’re highly ambitious and will stop at nothing to get what you want. Whether it’s your past as a person-hunting cannibal or a dog shrine in your basement, you’ll cover up all of the bad stuff and move on as if nothing happened. That’s not to say you forgot about it, it’s just that your coping mechanism is to climb to the top and just keep pushing. You’re a workaholic, and you don’t respect other people unless they’re willing to work just as hard.

That doesn’t make sense? It’s probably because after watching The Hunger Games for the first time, you were desperate for a sapphic love triangle to fight over, and now you’re deeply entrenched in Tai/Simone/Van/where-the-heck-is-Sammy debates on the internet.


If your favorite character is Natalie Scatorccio, you have a deep “I can fix her” mindset. When someone is closed off, that just makes you want to break down their walls even more. Although this probably isn’t the healthiest coping mechanism, you’re very attracted to Avoidant Attachment types and will go out of your way to seek them out. You also probably have a complicated relationship with drugs, alcohol, and partying, or did at some point in the past. 

That doesn’t make sense? It’s probably because you’re a punk rock emo hottie who envies both Juliette Lewis and Sophie Thatcher’s style.


If your favorite character is Charlotte Matthews, you probably spent a lot of time in therapy as a child and instantly recognized her wilderness rituals as mindfulness cognitive behavioral therapy. If you mess up, you’ll do anything to make it right and atone—even if that particular method of atonement doesn’t make sense to anyone around you. You used to be walked all over, and you’re proud of anyone who learns to stand up for themselves. 

That doesn’t make sense? It’s probably because you’d do anything for the quiet girl who loved you so much she demanded you eat her after she died.


If your favorite character is Vanessa Palmer (who’s Vanessa? —Liv Hewson), loyalty and humor are the two qualities you find most important. Once you fully commit to something, you fully commit, regardless of whether that hurts you in the process. You’re incredibly caring and supportive, but you try to cover up that soft side with a harder more humorous exterior. Van is probably the only character you truly respect in the show, because she’s the only one who has never turned on her loved ones.

That doesn’t make sense? It’s probably because you root for the underdog in every possible scenario, and once you found out Van was supposed to be written off after season one, she became your ride or die.


If your favorite character is Shauna Shipman, you’re deeply restless and crave a new life. You do stupid things under the guise of “adventure”, and you’re willing to make apologies for anyone who does the same. You don’t like secrets, and it’s endearing to you when other people struggle to keep them. 

That doesn’t make sense? It’s probably because you’re a millennial queer woman who watched But I’m a Cheerleader as a formative coming out experience.


If your favorite character is Misty Quigley, you have an incredibly strong moral compass. The problem is, that compass doesn’t always point in the same direction as everyone else’s. You stick by your beliefs regardless of what other people think, and you respect other people who do the same. If someone disagrees with you, you probably take that to be a sign of their weak moral character as opposed to merely having a different point of view. You don’t consider yourself a Misty “apologist”, because you don’t think she has anything to apologize for. 

That doesn’t make sense? It’s probably because you’re just a little showtune lover who wants to sing and dance the night away.

Who’s your favorite Yellowjackets character? Who do you think is dying this weekend?