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Diverse Showrunners Index

It’s absolutely crucial for people from minority identities to be behind the screen as well as in front of it. While it’s difficult to classify movies themselves under a singular banner, doing so for the director is possible. That’s why we’re excited to debut the Diverse Showrunners Index today.

This list only contains movies we have reviewed on this blog. It is admittedly sparse but growing every day! If I missed any books that should be there, or if I added something that you don’t think fits, feel free to message me!

Categories are sorted alphabetically by director.

*Indicates that the director and the main characters do not share the same identity. In this case, books are sorted by producer identity, not character identity.

Sitcoms / 30-Minute Episodes

Black POC
  • Humyara Mahbub- Why Are You Like This (Review)

Dramas / 60-Minute Episodes

Black POC
Hispanic / Latinx
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