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Jocelyn, Founder & EIC

Jocelyn (she/they) founded Write Through the Night in 2016 as a place for them to talk about books that they loved. After a brief hiatus to get through college, she revived the blog with the intention of transforming it into a place for people to be able to talk about culture and share their interest. Their dream is to one day make a living writing and running a publication where people can share their truth every day.

Outside of Write Through the Night, Jocelyn is in her early 20’s and currently living in Boston. They graduated from MIT with a degree in software engineering in 2021 and started a job in big tech. She’s currently doing her best to balance her (up and coming) freelance writing career, work, life in a long distance relationship, and actually making friends as an adult.

They’re the social media manager of The Minison Project. You can find their flash fiction in Snowflake Magazine Issue 1 and their poetry in The Minison Project Zine Issue 15 and Issue 17!

Sometimes they pretend to be a social media influencer, so you should totally go and follow them in all of these other places:

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Aakanksha, Editor & Writer

Aakanksha (she/her) is an editor and writer based in Canada. She works in the publishing industry and hopes to edit new adult & YA books someday. She is passionate about editing because she loves to support people in telling their stories. Having lived in four countries, she appreciates any opportunity to learn about people, cultures, languages, and social issues.

She will read and watch anything once but has a soft spot for animation as well as stories about neurodiversity, cultural identity, and navigating adult life. In her free time, she loves to read, sing, watch shows & movies, and spend an absurd amount of time on Tiktok.

She is a CNF/fiction editor for Levatio Literary Magazine and a prose editor for The Jupiter Review. You can keep up with her on the following platforms:

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Chinwe, Staff Writer

Chinwe is a student based in the Metro Atlanta area of Georgia. She is originally from Nnewi, Nigeria and has been writing for as long as she can remember. She started out writing fiction, then moved to poetry and eventually articles. She has been published previously three times, by three different magazines and won her County’s Annual “Honoring Our Hero’s” writing contest back in 2017. She is also a fiction proof reader for the Levatio Magazine. Her previous and upcoming work can be found in The Ice Lolly Review, Rhodora Magazine, Levatio Magazine, and We Write Here.

Outside of writing, she is heavily involved in her local theatre community. Being a part of upcoming productions Beauty and The Beast, and Into the Woods. She also runs Varsity Track and Field and is a TV show/movie enthusiast. Some of her favorite movies and shows include The Florida Project, Moonlight, Shameless, and Succession.

Being from Nigeria, she hopes to share an unseen perspective of blackness and black culture to readers. As well as record on urgent issues going on in all parts of the world, specifically pertaining to human rights. She also plans to occasionally give her opinions on new or trending pieces of media that interest her.

Vania, Staff Writer

Vania (she/her) is a writer and reader with a soft spot for dogs. After several difficult moments in her life, reading became her passion and now fills her heart with books that make her feel seen and represented. Outside of reading, she is a dog rescuer and now lives with 16 beautiful puppies that she loves more than herself. In her spare time, she also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, drawing and being part of student groups fighting for social causes. She is currently writing her own book, and in between, she writes essays analyzing her favorite books and movies, as well as making content on bookstagram and booktok. She wholeheartedly hopes to connect with readers and make friends along the way. 

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Maxx, Staff Writer

Maxx (they/he) works with LGBTQ+ youth and their families in Massachusetts, and is President of a national youth advocacy organization, mostly dealing with systems advocacy. They have previously contributed to multiple online blogs in the non-profit sphere. They are hoping to go back to school for a Public Health degree. 

They love to read a good YA fiction book, but if you give them some really good non-fiction they will get very excited! They love television (currently binging Golden Girls for the 15th time!) and they will swear up and down that they are a Sophia (and they would be correct!)

In their spare time, you can find them with their nose in a book, ranting about capitalism, cracking a good dad joke, or crying over how much they love cats (especially their cat, Lenny)

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