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We love interviewing people here at Write Through the Night because it’s a chance for us to get to know someone better while promoting them and their work. Whether you’re an author, a blogger, a director, or something else entirely, if we would write about your work on WTTN then we’re interested in talking to you!

Interviews will likely be with Jocelyn and can take place either by email or Zoom. If you feel that a specific member of our staff will better meet your needs while interviewing, feel free to request that in the “Anything Else?” box! Our goal is to be maximally flexible and meet everyone where they are most comfortable.

If you or your client would like to be interviewed, please fill out the form below or email me at writethroughthenight @ gmail . com (no spaces). You can expect a reply within one week. If you haven’t heard from me by then feel free to bump the email!


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